Erroneous Release from the Bexar County Jail

On January 15, the Bexar County jail accidentally let a man go who had an ICE hold.  The state charges against the man had already been addressed.  The only thing holding him in jail was the ICE hold.  The inmate was walked out with other inmates who were being released.

What is really concerning about the incident is the excuses the jail staff used when questioned about the release.  “There’s a lot going on downstairs”.  Really?  What kind of answer is that?  Aren’t there some kind of releasing protocols in place?  Aren’t people checked to see if they actually are the person who should be walking out of the doors?  What kind of crazy, laid-back system does Sheriff Salazar have going there?

In this case it was just an ICE hold, an administrative thing but what happens if it’s a kidnapper?  A rapist?  A murderer?  If things can get so confused that someone can just walk out then they need a better system.  How can we, the general public, feel safe when the Sheriff’s Office is so casual about someone just walking out

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