Disgraced Officers Fight Disciplinary Action

photo SAPD Detective Emanuel Keith
SAPD Det. Emanuel Keith

SAPD Detective Threatens Mistress

The San Antonio Police Department seems to be having some problems with their detectives.  Today, Detective Emanuel Keith’s attorney argued to get Keith’s job back after being fired in June.  The hearing is expected to extend into Friday.  Detective Keith is a 23 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department.  Keith entered into an extramarital affair that lasted for many years and through at least two break-ups.

The KSAT 12 article doesn’t say what the current problem was but they have a recording of Keith threatening his mistress.  (Click here to go to their story with the recording).  In the recording Keith threatens to “choke the life out” of her.  “This is the end for you. You’re going to die b—ch,” is not part of the recording KSAT has but is listed as one of the statements made by Keith.

It definitely sounds like these two individuals had a toxic relationship.  They are both adults and what they choose to do is their private business but once the situation turned to threats of violence it moved beyond their personal choices.  As a police officer, Emanuel Keith knows that he is not free to go around threatening to kill someone no matter how angry he is.

Girlfriend Calls 911 on Her Drunk SAPD Detective Boyfriend

The San Antonio Police Department did everything they could to avoid releasing the recording of Detective Jimmy Castillo being removed from his girlfriend’s home.  In March of 2018, Castillo’s girlfriend called 911 making the following statement, “I have a police officer who does not want to leave my house.”  She then tells at Castillo, “,ou need to leave. You need to get out of my house.”

When police arrive at the location they discover that Det. Jimmy Castillo was drunk.  Castillo goes on a rant of cursing saying, “I ain’t scared of no f–king captain,” along with various other comments.  He even goes so far as to lean into an officer’s body camera to ensure his cursing is recorded.  The KSAT article quotes Castillo from the video, as saying,

“(Expletive) Miles Earwood okay (expletive) him okay. This is a camera right here. Alright. He wants to get involved in this relationship he can go (expletive) his punk (expletive) okay…you can tell the (expletive) captain to go (expletive) his self. Alright good…I ain’t scared of no (expletive) Captain.”

There is nothing in the story that says what happened to Castillo, how he got home or how he got to his girlfriend’s house.  Did he get drunk there?  Or did he drive to her house in that condition?  We don’t know the whole story but what we do know is he was issued a 50 day suspension that he was able to get reduced to a 30 day suspension.

These are supposed to be some of San Antonio’s finest.

Note:  We were unable to find a picture of Detective Jimmy Castillo.

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