Deputy Under Investigation, Resigns

Deputy John Varela, who was under investigation, resigned in the later part of February of this year.  Varela was being investigated for inappropriate actions with inmates but Sheriff Javier Salazar will not release any information on what the circumstances are saying it is under investigation.  This is kind of hard to understand when there have been so many other officers under investigation whose cases were all over the news but maybe it’s because an arrest has not been made or a warrant issued.

Deputy Varela had been with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for 19 years.  it will be interesting to find out what he was doing and for how long he has been doing it.  There will always be people who try to get hired at the jail because they want power.  There will always be people who go for the money and benefits but whose ethics can be easily overridden.  Every sheriff will have problem people.  That’s just going to happen.

When you have a large amount of problem people, especially under one leadership, you have start wondering if those who would normally tow the line because the leadership was knowledgeable enough about the process that they couldn’t be bluffed are now feeling they can get away with things because this administration is so lacking in knowledge.

Click here to read the KSAT 12 article.

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