Deputy Sexually Harasses Judge

Deputy Removed from Courtroom
Deputy Sexually Harasses Judge

We apparently missed this episode of extreme foolishness.  Back on June 13th of 2017, Deputy Lorenzo Contreras was assigned to the courthouse.  During court Deputy Contreras asked the female judge if he should arrest an individual.  The insinuation in the article is that the judge responded by saying, the individual “might actually like that”.

The article is slightly confusing, due to the redactions, but it does state that Deputy Contreras approached the judge and whispered in her ear, “Because I’m sure you love being handcuffed, too”.  The judge was not happy with his comment.

Deputy Lorenzo Contreras was replaced and given a two day suspension for violating several of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office policies.

Here is the part I find ironic.  The judge in question thought nothing of saying the almost the exact same thing about an individual who was appearing in her court.  Yet she took offense at someone saying it to her?  While I agree that the deputy should have been disciplined, who is disciplining the judge for making comments with the intent to belittle and embarrass an individual?

Does she even see the hypocrisy?  To see the KSAT 12 article and video click here.

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