Deputy Gets a Second Chance, Blows It

Deputy Ryan Ferrell dodged a bullet when he was involved in a hazing incident that showed members of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) holding down another officer, at a party, while cuffing him and repeatedly tazing him.  At one point a small child is holding the BCSO issued tazer.  Deputy Ferrell received a 30 day suspension for his part in the hazing incident.

On Sunday, March 17th, Deputy Ferrell threw away his second chance by choosing to drive while drunk.  Deputy Ferrell was arrested for driving while intoxicated at approximately 10:30 pm.  Very little information is given in the article about the arrest but it does say that he was arrested in the 4300 block of I10 West near Vance Jackson which leads us to believe that the arresting agency was the San Antonio Police Department.

Deputy Ferrell has been served his notice of proposed termination.  There is no information about how his intoxication was confirmed.  Was he given a field sobriety test?  Did they use a breathalyzer?  Or did they take blood?  What was Ferrell’s level of intoxication?  I sure hope the lack of information supplied to the media doesn’t mean that Deputy Ferrell will beat the termination attempt because this is definitely a deputy who does not make good decisions.

Click here to read the KSAT 12 article and to see the video on the hazing incident.

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