Deputy Arrested for Felony Child Abuse

photo of Deputy Willard Miller
Broward County Deputy Willard Miller

WARNING: Distressing Video

Resource Officer Body Slams Student

In November of last year, Broward County deputy, Willard Miller, was arrested for Felony Child Abuse Without Great Bodily Harm. The arrest came after the school was reviewing video and came across the incident. The video shows Miller, who is texting on a cell phone, while working as a resource officer at a school for emotionally and behaviorally disabled students.

Excessive Force

The female student does lightly kick the back of his knee as he is engrossed with his cell phone. It looks more like a bid for attention than any kind of real attempt to do harm and obviously Miller does not take it as an assault since this is not the point at which he attacks her. The 15-year old girl continues to move slowly around the room with her hands in her pockets.

The video does not have audio but it seems there are some comments between the two, then Miller puts down his cell phone, approaches the student, grabs her by the neck with both of his hands and slams her to the ground. Turning her over, he places his knee in her back and handcuffs her. Deputy Miller jerks the young girl up and shoves her into a small room so hard that she bounces off the back wall.

Resource Officer Position is Not for Everyone

We all realize that officers are trained to have a certain amount of aggression. We’ve seen how often that goes wrong but there should be special training and testing for officers wanting to become a resource officers in schools. There should be a psychological test to determine their aggression level. No child deserves to be treated the way Deputy Willard treated the young lady but children with emotional and behavioral issues are even more at risk of being hurt but officers who readily resort to violence.

If Deputy Willard Miller is convicted, he could get as much as 5 years in jail.

WARNING:  Distressing Video

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