Boston Police Protected Police Officer Accused of Sexual Abuse

Patrick Rose, a retired patrol officer and police union president, has been arrested on multiple counts of sexual abuse of children
Patrick Rose-Jessica Rinaldi/GLOBE STAFF/File

Molestation Allegations Ignored

(MA) – The Boston Police Department is facing severe backlash after a decades-old scandal, that never really stopped, was uncovered. In August of last year, Patrick Rose Sr. was charged with molestation of a child from the time she was 7 years old, until she was 12. The charges opened the floodgates. So far, five other individuals have come forward to say that Rose sexually abused them also.

What makes this even worse is that “The Boston Police Department in 1995 filed a criminal complaint against Rose for sexual assault on a 12-year-old child.” The charges were dropped, but according to the Boston Globe, “Prosecutors now say the boy recanted his story under pressure from Rose.” Regardless of the dropped charges, we now know that the internal affairs investigation concluded “Rose did break the law.”

Boston Police Refuse FOIA Request

The Boston Police Department is well-known for protecting their officers and making it difficult to get information on police misconduct. They are refusing to release any information on the 1995 investigation, because they say it would be impossible to redact the information. Just so everyone knows, this is not true. You can scan the documents into a PDF format then use Adobe’s redaction tool. I’m sure there are other applications that do a similar thing. The reality is the Boston police are continuing to protect a man they felt was credibly charged with sexually assaulting a minor. A man who is alleged to have continued molesting children.

Rose Allowed to Continue His Sexual Abuse

Regardless of the internal affairs finding, it does not appear that the Boston police did anything to stop Rose. He remained a patrol officer until he retired. While a patrol officer he was allowed to handle vulnerable children, children who had been raped, and even allowed to be alone in his squad car with a special needs child.

Patrick Rose was protected so much that he even ended up being elected as the president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, a position he held for one term.

Rose Pleads Innocent

Patrick M. Rose Sr. has pled innocent to the current charges against him (which include raping, groping and sexually abusing children), but according to the Boston Herald,

…the prosecution got a hold of an email Mark described as a “confession.”

Mark said that on Aug. 2, the day Rose was first confronted with the original allegations, he sent an email to his family that he was “mentally all effed up” and that he “should have left you all years ago when this started.”

“He said, ‘I know there’s not enough love in this world for you to forgive the monster I truly am,” Mark said.

Prosecutor Audrey Mark is the head of Suffolk District Attorney’s child protection unit.

Judge Increases Bail Bond Again

The judge had originally set Rose’s bail bond at $100,000, but as more people came forward with allegations and more charges were added, the judge raised the bail bond to $250,000. When yet another charge was added, she raised it to $270,000. Rose’s attorney, Keefe, says Rose cannot pay the bond amount. Keefe basically said that Rose’s family has turned their back on him and that he won’t be receiving any financial help from them.

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