Bexar Inmate Attempts Escape

Attempted Escape
Inmate Sergio Pablo Huerta

It seems that only KSAT 12 is doing a good job of keeping up with all the things happening at the Bexar County Jail.  I can’t say I blame the other news agencies.  They are all probably suffering from fatigue.  I know we are.

Monday night, August 12, inmate Sergio Pablo Huerta, in jail on two felony charges,  attempted to escape from the Bexar County Jail.  According to the KSAT 12 article, Huerta hid in a cell that had individuals ready to be released.  This is excellent news but it raises a lot of other questions.

The article says, “The deputy assigned to Huerta’s unit confirmed the suspect was not in the unit after performing a face-to-face observation check.”  That sounds to me like the deputy checked after Huerta had been found, to verify that Huerta was not in his unit and that the deputy physically did so.  He then “confirmed” that no, Huerta was not there.  It sure doesn’t sound like the unit officer knew until that point.  If that’s the case, then it’s a problem.

Another thing.  Our understanding is that intake and releasing are done at the South Tower but the housing units are in the other towers.  If this inmate was in a unit, how did he get into a cell with inmates to be released?  Have the units in the South Tower been opened up and are they now housing inmates?  Was the releasing cell they are referring to in the South Tower or was it one in the old booking area?  No matter what the scenario is, it only changes the distance he had to go.  It doesn’t answer the question of how Huerta got out of his unit and ended up in a releasing cell without anyone stopping him along the way.

And my last concern is the part in the article that says, “BCSO’s Public Integrity Unit, Internal Affairs and Criminal Investigations Division are investigating the escape attempt.”  Why are three different sections at the Sheriff’s Office investigating this?  That sure seems to be a poor allocation of resources especially when you consider that the Sheriff is always saying they are short on staff.

We want to thank the officer who noticed the discrepancy and realized there was one too many people in the releasing cell.  The individual’s name was not given.  I guess he or she is not one of the Sheriff’s clique.  From us to that officer, Good job!  Thank you on behalf of the citizens of Bexar County.

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