Bexar Deputy Records Inmate, Posts to Snapchat

Bexar Deputy Inappropriate Use of Snapchat
Bexar County Courthouse – Wikipedia

Before I get into the story let me explain a little first about the officers at the Sheriff’s Office.  There are two types of officers; commissioned peace officers and jailers.  Commissioned officers are peace officers.  They can arrest people and carry a weapon.  They are the ones who deal with the law enforcement side of the Sheriff’s Office.  Detention Officers are not required to be commissioned peace officers though they can get commissioned if they want to.  Detention Officers are required to get jailer’s certification.  Detention officers are the ones who run the jail.  The deputies at the courthouse are peace officers.

KSAT news has done some great reporting. On November 16th they posted a story about a Bexar County Deputy who filmed an inmate who was in one of the holding cells at the Bexar County Courthouse.  The video was posted on Snapchat with the title “cry baby”.  Aside from the policy violations this was a cruel and callous action.

As the KSAT story states, the inmate was having emotional issues.  He is obviously distressed.  The Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the name of the deputy who filmed the inmate; however, Deputy Chief Jimenez did speak to the media to say how embarrassed he was and that social media is a way of life for younger people.  He is correct that the younger generation of  officers will continue to have issues regarding social media.  And like the deputy who posted the video, those officers will face disciplinary action that could possibly cost them their job.

Click here to read the KSAT article and to view the video.



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