Bexar County Deputy Assaults Woman

A deputy who had been in the news before was once again in the news after an incident that happened on June 10th.  Deputy Justin Carl Storlie has been on administrative leave due to domestic violence charges from a May incident.  In the Monday incident, Storlie is accused of continuous domestic violence.

According to the woman who claims he assaulted her, Storlie held her down, pulled out a gun and threatened to kill her.  She also claimed that Storlie was drunk.  Deputy Storlie left the scene and was later picked up by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies and transported to San Antonio Police Department investigators for questioning.  Click link to see News4SA article and to watch the video of Sheriff Salazar regarding Justin Storlie.

Deputy Justin Storlie has been issued a proposed termination.  That is a step in the process required to terminate him.

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