Bexar County Deputy Arrested for Indecent Assault

photo of Vincent Vera
Cpl. Vincent Vera

Continuing Story of Cpl. Vincent Vera

Back in November of 2019, we wrote an article that included an incident involving a deputy who had not shown up for work. Cpl. Vera was involved in a disturbance on November 24. He did not show up for work, nor did he attempt to call in or in any other way let the Sheriff’s Department know he would not be reporting for duty.

The BCSO had been made aware of the disturbance Vera had been involved in, by the San Antonio Police Department. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was finally able to make contact with him on November 26. Cpl. Vera was placed on administrative leave for being AWOL and his commission was removed while the incident was under investigation. See story here.

Warrant Issued for Indecent Assault

The investigation into the November incident, by the San Antonio Police Department, turned up enough evidence for a charge of indecent assault. A warrant was issued for Cpl. Vincent Vera. Upon notification of the active warrant, Mr. Vera turned himself in on March 12. According to the KSAT 12 article,

“Indecent assault is a Class A misdemeanor and pertains to cases in which a suspect touches the private parts of another person without their consent, exposes or attempts to expose the private parts of another person, or causes someone to have contact with another person’s bodily fluids.”

Sheriff Continues to Hide Information About Police Misconduct

Though several articles have been written about this ongoing situation, by multiple news stations, very little information has been released by Sheriff Salazar. We still have no idea what happened other than it being referred to as disturbing by law enforcement officers. If this had been a regular citizen the information would be released immediately. The continuing lack of transparency by the Sheriff’s Office, when it’s one of their own, is detrimental to the trust the public places in this agency. Dirty laundry rarely stays hidden indefinitely. Eventually the public will get fed up with all the things the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office tries to hide.

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