BCSO Sergeant Being Terminated for Assault

In August of 2018, Sgt. Wesley Anderson of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was at an HEB while off duty.  According to the KSAT 12 article Anderson thought the individual might have bumped into his vehicle while backing out.  Sgt. Anderson told San Antonio Police Officers who made the call that he tried to grab the steering wheel to stop the man from leaving and may have accidentally hit the driver of the other vehicle when he made the grab for the wheel.

The story Sgt. Anderson gave did not match up with the security video.  The video shows Anderson “cocking back” his arm to punch the individual.  The driver of the car said that Anders on “sucker punched” him.  He did have signs of redness on his face.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office issued a notice of proposed termination on February 20th.  While that is an appropriate action we would like to know why it took six months before Sheriff Javier Salazar made that move when there was video proof of what had happened?

It seems to us that the way the Sheriff’s Office is approaching their disciplinary actions is very arbitrary.  Some receive action right away and others go for long periods of time without having their misdeeds addressed.  What is going on?

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