Assault Against Capitol Officers More Brutal than First Thought


An unknown officer being dragged onto the capitol steps and beaten by rioters
Officer Being Assaulted

More Video of Deadly Riot Being Released

(DC) – The extent of the horrific events that unfolded on Tuesday, January 5, are slowly coming to light. More and more video footage is being released to the public. It’s brutal. Some was very difficult to watch. Top among them is the video of a group of officers trying to guard an entry way. It’s hard to tell, but it appears that one officer is trying to help another officer who has been knocked to the ground. A man with a white cap grabs the back of the officer’s helmet, as he is bent over to help his fellow officer, and pulls the officer forward, dragging him down the stairs, into the crowd. (See picture) Multiple people then begin viciously beating the officer and stomping on him.

Members of the crowd do eventually come to his rescue, but the officer could easily have been killed. We don’t believe the officer who was beaten on the steps was Officer Sicknick. Supposedly Officer Sicknick was struck on the head with a fire extinguisher. In the video we see flag poles, crutches and various other items, but no fire extinguisher. You can also see, in the video, that they are trying to drag more officers out into the crowd.

Capitol Police Officer Commits Suicide After Riot

Officer Howard Liebengood was one of the officers who helped defend the capitol against the violent mob. According to the Daily Beast he “died by an apparent suicide on Saturday.” There is no information about why he committed suicide. We don’t know if it’s related to the assault on the capitol or not. The 51-year old officer had been with the capitol police for 15 years. The loss of another officer has devastated the capitol police. Our condolences go out to the family of Officer Howard Liebengood and to his brothers and sisters in blue.

Officer Eugene Goodman confronts violent mob
Eugene Goodman photo New York Times

Heroic Acts Everywhere

When the worst elements of society descended on the capitol, many of our finest elements stepped up. Officer Eugene Goodman is one of them. There is a video of Officer Goodman that looks like he is fleeing from the mob. He first tries to confront the mob, but then he runs, periodically stopping to face them, letting them get closer, before he turns and runs some more.

It’s a very scary video. He’s there alone facing a large mob of people who are chasing him, yet he still appears to be trying to stop them from going further into the building. At least, that’s what it looks like.

Cat and Mouse

Officer Eugene Goodman leads a violent crowd away from the Senate
Eugene Goodman

It turns out that Officer Goodman was actually playing the mob. He was leading them in the direction he wanted them to go. They were coming up the stairs regardless. He couldn’t stop that. Instead, he made himself a target so that they would follow him. He knew that the Senate had not been locked down yet. He knew there were vulnerable people in there that he had to protect. At the top of the stairs, the Senate was too his left, and responding officers would be coming from the right.

You can see Officer Goodman quickly glance to his left, understanding how deadly the situation is. He then continues using himself as bait to lead the mob to the right where he eventually joins responding officers.

Thanks to his brave actions, our representatives remained safe. Now here’s a man that deserves the Medal of Freedom. We need to put the honor that was lost, back into that award by giving it to someone who really deserves it.


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