A Drawn Gun for a Traffic Stop?

Delaware State Trooper, Corporal O’Neil, is under investigation for an incident that occurred during a traffic stop.  Mack Buckley was on his way to see his mother when he was pulled over by Corporal O’Neil for speeding.  In the video you can see O’Neil approach the car and immediately tell Buckley to get out of the car.

Mr. Buckley refuses to get out at which point Cpl. O’Neil opens the car door and draws his gun, pointing it at Buckley.  The gun is only inches away from Buckley who keeps repeating “why are you pulling a gun on me”.  Buckley places his phone on the car seat so you can no longer see what is happening but you can hear Buckley continuing to ask why the gun was drawn.

We were hesitant to post this video because we have no idea if the start of the video is the start of the incident.  In a later interview Buckley says it was his mother’s car so could the officer have first approached the car, verbally gotten Buckley’s information then gone back to his vehicle to call it in?  Buckley was arrested for resisting arrest, speeding, no insurance and no registration.  Could the officer have received a response that Buckley did not have the registration or insurance on the car then returned ordering him to get out?  It’s possible.

But even if that was the case, was this really worth pulling his gun out?  Why the sudden escalation to the threat of the most lethal level of force?  That is really what concerns us and why we decided to post the video.  Buckley was stopped for ticket level offenses.  The resisting arrest charge has become a bullshit charge that a lot of officers use to try to justify their poor ability to handle a situation.  Take a look at the video to see what you think.

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