2 Officers Busted in DEA Sting Operation

Miami-Dade officers Edwards & Flowers arrested in DEA sting
Officers Edwards & Flowers

Officers Think They are Working with Sinaloa Cartel

(FL) – In the early part of this month, two officers with the Miami-Dade Police Department were arrested in a DEA sting. A Florida attorney, Manny Hernandez, was unknowingly bragging to a DEA confidential source (CS)  about his money laundering scheme and the officers he had in his pocket. The CS, who was acting as a member of the Sinaloa Cartel, asked if one of his officers could run a license plate number. Hernandez said yes and contacted Officer Roderick Flowers who immediately got him the information.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spent a few months working on setting up the sting operation. The CS told Hernandez that he needed protection in transporting the 10 kilos of (fake) cocaine to the location of the buy and during the transaction.  Hernandez contacted Officer Flowers, who brought his cousin, Keith Edwards, into the deal. Keith Edwards is also an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department. Both men were in their personal vehicles. One drove in front of the CS’s vehicle and the other drove behind. They acted as his protection when the CS made sale with another CS, then they returned to the hotel where they had originally met. The officers were paid $5,000 each.

According to the 4 CBS Miami article, “As they were leaving, the source stated to both Flowers and Edwards, “Welcome to the Sinaloa Cartel”. They both laughed, and left the hotel.”

Police Misconduct Disgraces Family

According to the MiamiHerald.com,

“Flowers, 30, hails from a law-enforcement family. His sister is a police officer in Georgia. His father is Raleigh Flowers, the police chief in Bal Harbor and a former high-ranking Hialeah officer.

Edwards is a former soldier and father of three.”

This is really sad. It appears to have been Officer Flowers who was the instigator and yet he is the one whose father is a police chief and whose sister is a police officer. He comes from a family of people who believe in serving. Flowers not only turned his back on family’s beliefs for quick cash, he also encouraged his cousin, a former soldier, to get involved.

Arrested for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine

Both officers were arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Distribute and Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine which could give them life sentences. Others, along with Attorney Hernandez, were arrested in the sting. Edwards’ attorney is already signaling that he will try for an entrapment defense. I’m not sure how well that will go since everything was recorded with both audio and video. None of the articles state the bail bond amount, but even if they do bond out, they will be required to remain under house arrest.

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