12/11/2018 -7th Person this Year Escapes Bexar County Custody

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, under Sheriff Javier Salazar, seems to be on a race to the bottom.  Not only did the 23rd officer get arrested on Tuesday, but they also had their 7th person this year escape the custody of deputies; three of which were in custody for murder charges.

Catherine Sosby, a 45 year old woman, was at the magistrates office at 401 S. Frio Street on Tuesday when she escaped custody.  No information was given on how she was able to get away from deputies but according to the Spectrum video this is the second time Sosby has escaped from Bexar County deputies.  Sosby was captured about an hour later.

The seven individuals who escaped this year are:  Rosemary Hernandez, Eric Trevino, Luis Arroyo, Jacob Brownson, Edward Perett, Morvin Andrew Raz and now Catherine Sosby.

Is Sheriff Salazar going to take responsibility for this or is he going to blame this on past administrations the same way he did with the arrested deputies?  What real actions is the Sheriff going to take to try to fix the problems?  The citizens of Bexar County deserve to know and they definitely deserve better than what they got in 2018.

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