12/11/2018 – 23rd Bexar Deputy Arrested This Year

Bexar County Deputy Heriberto Alejandro Rivera was arrested for driving while intoxicated.  Rivera wrecked his vehicle at 2:15 am.  When San Antonio Police Officers arrived they found that Rivera had crashed into the median.  After searching his vehicle they found drug paraphernalia.  A drug test was done and the paraphernalia tested positive for hash oil.

We, at this publication must have missed one.  We had this down as being the 22nd arrest.  Regardless of whether it’s 22 or 23 this is a ridiculously high number of arrests.  The only saving grace the Sheriff’s Office has is that the year is almost over.

In the MySanAntonio.com article the Sheriff places the blame on previous administrations.  It’s been two years.  When is this sheriff going to start taking some responsibility?  If these people were problem people under previous administrations why didn’t their problems happen under those administrations?

The Salazar administration is proving to have been a poor choice.  It will be interesting to see who steps forward to challenge him in the primaries.

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