06/22/2018 – Deputies Who Killed 6 Year Old, Cleared

Six year old Kameron Prescott was killed on December 21, 2017 by Bexar County deputies.  The deputies involved in the shooting had been chasing a female suspect.  The suspect was in the process of breaking into a mobile home to get away from the deputies when they opened fire on her.  One of the bullets that went through the wall of the mobile home hit 6 year old Kameron.  At the time no weapon was found.  In the news report released by KSAT12 it was reported that an 8-inch pipe was found with mud and the suspect’s blood on it. Sheriff Salazar said the deputies mistook the pipe for a gun.  No mention has been made as to why that pipe wasn’t initially found or if it was why it was not reported.  This evening, District Attorney Nico LaHood issued the deputies preliminary clearance letters.

Previously Sheriff Salazar would not release the names of the officers.  Those names have been released now that the preliminary clearance has been issued.  The officers are Deputy John Aguillon, Deputy George Herrera, Deputy Jesse Arias and Deputy Johnny Longoria.  The Sheriff’s Office may have released the names of the officers but there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered.

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