What Do Those Letters Mean?

We know we are missing a lot of abbreviations and acronyms.  We’re working hard to get answers but have been having some difficulties.  The judicial side is not being very cooperative at this point.  We will continue to ask for the information that the public needs.  Thank you for your patience.

Add On – A charge that is added after the initial booking

AFIS – Automated Fingerprint Identification System

APPL – Applied

AWTG – Awaiting

B.C.A.D.C. – Bexar County Adult Detention Center

BND – Bond

CC – County Court

CCBGDLNS – County Court Bond Guidelines (does not qualify for a PR-bond due to County Court Bond Guidelines)

CCPRB – County Court P.R. Bond.  This is abbreviation is listed when an individual is already on a P.R. bond

CLR – Clear

CLSD – Closed

CMAG – Central Magistrate’s Office

CONV – Convicted

CRT – Court

CRTC – Court Residential Treatment Center

D.A.C.T. – Drug & Alcohol Facility

D.A.P.V.F. – Drug Alcohol Probation Violators Facility

DC – District Court

DCPRB – District Court P.R. Bond.  This is abbreviation is listed when an individual is already on a P.R. bond

DEF ADJ – Deferred Adjudication

Denied/SomeLetters – It means they were denied a PR bond. The letters after the slash are just the initials of the person who entered the data into the system

DKT – Court Docket

DPS – Department of Public Safety

DSMD – Dismissed

FBGDLNS – Felony Bond Guidelines. (does not qualify for a PR-bond due to Felony Bond Guidelines)

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

FILE – Case file. (Referring to the actual documents)

FS – Felony, State Jail

GDLNS – Guidelines

GPS – Global Positioning System

HSP – Hospital

ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ILO – Interlock Order (ignition lock for a vehicle)

IPTC – In-Prison Therapeutic Community

ISF – Intermediate Sanction Facility

JAL – Jail

LDC – Seen in the the attorney section, stands for Legal Defense Counsel

MATCH – Mothers and their Children

MCRT – Municipal Court (I think)

MHMR – Mental Health and Mental Retardation

MIOF – Mentally Impaired Offender Facility

MTN ENT ADJ GUILT – Motion Entered Adjudicated Guilt

MTRP – Motion to Revoke Probation

NCIC – National Crime Information Center

NG – Non-Guidelines.  (PR Bonds is now allowing all misdemeanor charges to be considered for a PR bond.  The normal official guidelines have restrictions of what can be considered even for misdemeanors)

NLETS – National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System

NOLO CT – Nolo Contendere ( a Latin term meaning ‘I do not wish to contend’). You may hear it said as ‘no contest,’ in other words they are not going to fight the charges.

NOT HANDLED – This comment is used when the charge is not eligible for a P.R. bond.

NHOI – No harmful or injurious contact (this information was a reader’s submission).

OTHR – Other

OTOFCO – Out of County

PAR – Parole

PATCH – Papas and their Children

PEN PK – Penitentiary Packet

PICU – Population Impact Control Unit

POSS – Possession

PR – Personal Recognizance (bond)

PR/SomeLetters – The PR is defined above, the letters after the slash are just the initials of the person who entered the data into the system

RC – Restitution Center

RCO1 – The person has been released

REC – Received

REFUSEDX2 – This means they tried to interview the inmate for a P.R. bond but he refused.  In this case he refused two times.

REL – Released

RELPR – Released on a Personal Recognizance Bond

RWOB – Remanded without Bond

SAFP – Substance Abuse Felony Punishment (same as below but sometimes written this way).

SAFPF – Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility

SATF – Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

SBIR – Surety Bond in Route

SBIH – Surety Bond in Hand

SHR OFC – Sheriff’s Office

T.A.I.P. – Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program

TCIC – Texas Crime Information Center

TDC – Texas Department of Corrections

TDCGDLNS – Texas Department of Corrections Guidelines

TDCJ – Texas Department of Criminal Justice

TLETS – Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunication System

TO REL – To be released

TO SUB – To Submit

Tresps – Trespass

TRMT BED – Treatment facility bed / spot to sleep in

TRF – Transfer

VINE – Victim Information & Notification Everyday (It lets victims know when an inmate has been released so they can get to a safe place if they need to.)

321 thoughts on “What Do Those Letters Mean?

  1. admin

    Chris – I suspect you found that on the Jail Activity Report. That thing is a mess. It seems people make their own abbreviations. None of us are sure but we suspect the P.R. stands for P.R. bond and the dmr we think might be the initials of the person that processed it but we are just guessing. Your best bet would be to call P.R. Bonds so you can ask them.

    • Jacqueline

      I’m a mother of 5 kids. I have a heart Murmur and suffer panic and anxiety attacks. Plus have lost memories at times. Dont kn where I am. And my husband is in jail. He usually takes care of me and our kids. But now who will do that the county? Since they locked him up. Or will the probation officer whom push the order to get him lock up do it? Because I have chest pains every now and then. Plus i think i may be diabetic also sugar drops rapidly. So what am i supposed to do? Who will help me support these 5 kids and put 1 of them through college? The county or probation officer? Can someone get me this information

      • admin

        Jacqueline – We’re sorry for the suffering your family is going through. We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people to deal with the jail. We don’t have any contacts beyond that. We wish you the best.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  2. Amanda

    My husband got time at SATF what does that mean? Can he still have visitors, can I take him personal belongings, etc… help

    • admin

      Amanda – SATF stands for Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. Those are completely separate agencies from the Bexar County Jail. You will first have to wait to see which one he is sent to then call them to find out their regulations.

    • admin

      Alex – Probably probation but we believe they make up their own codes since no one can ever give us a definite answer.

    • admin

      Elizabeth – We can’t find anyone that knows. We suspect that some of the officers make up their own abbreviations.

    • admin

      Samantha – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. You will need his name and date of birth. They will be able to tell you his sid number and location.

  3. Irma

    My Grandson was arrested on the Jail 25th. I would like to know where he is placed he is mentally ill. I would like to know whether he has been evaluated

    • admin

      Nunya – DC is probably district court and prb is probably probation. We think the last letters are the initials of the person who entered the information in the system but we’re not sure. We can’t seem to get a straight answer and it seems that some people make up their own abbreviations.

  4. Sandi

    I have a couple of questions. My son was arrested Sunday afternoon for possession and this is about the third or fourth time he has been arrested for this! How do I get him substance abuse treatment????
    Secondly, how do I go about claiming my sons personal belongings if he will be there for a while?

    • admin

      Crystal – The second part is released deferred adjudication. We’re not sure about the first part. It may be saying that he was sent to the jail. We don’t know what the “sa” stands for.

      • admin

        Keilagha – NC stands for nolo contendere. That means he is not saying he is guilty but he is accepting a guilty plea. Defr Adjud – means he received deferred adjudication terms.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  5. beth

    yes it is possession over 2000 lbs was like 5000 pounds.was in 18 wheeler,he thinks the sf means state jail,looked up again looks like mabey forfit and seizure? how do I find out how much time he is looking at,in bexar county

    • admin

      Beth – You need to speak to his attorney. There are a lot of things that can come into play such as his previous history. Was this a first time offense or does he have a criminal history? Did he realize what he had to could it be proved that he was tricked into having it in his custody without realizing what it was?

    • admin

      Melodie – It stands for nolo contendere. That’s a Latin term meaning ‘I do not wish to contend’. You may hear it said as ‘no contest’. In other words the defendant is not saying they did it or didn’t do it. Basically, it’s a guilty plea.

  6. admin

    Mateo – DC is district court. BND is bond. We think the initials after the slash are the initials of whoever either input the data or processed the bond paperwork. There are a lot of initials that do not make sense that we feel must belong to people.

    • admin

      Wayne – We believe the initials at the end are those of the person who put the information into the system. The first part is that he was being considered for a P.R. bond but was denied.

    • admin

      Angela – It means he’s waiting for space in a treatment facility. They have to have an available bed for him to sleep in.

  7. Amansa

    How long can they hold you in the mag without seeing a judge. They believe the officer didn’t do there paperwork its almost been 24 hours and hasn’t seen a judge yet?

    • admin

      Amansa – They try not to go beyond 24 hours. There are legal definitions regarding what is a jail and what is holding. Those definitions dictate what must be done for an inmate. If it’s getting close to 24 hours they move them to the jail.

  8. Sandra

    A friend of mine was arrested and it said that mag released but on the comments it states FBGDLN/MIR what does that men ?

    • admin

      Sandra – Wow! That’s a new one for us. We don’t know. To our readers, have any of you seen this before? If so, do you know what it means?

  9. anon

    in the comments section of central magistrate search what do abbreviations DCBND/LMM stand for? it doesnt give a release time so I believe person is still there.

    • admin

      Anon – Normally DC stands for district court and BND stands for bond. To us it sounds like the case was set in district court and a bond amount was also set. We are not sure but we think the last letters are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system.

  10. bree

    What does “DCPAR” & “DCBND ” mean?
    How do I go about picking up personal property of someone else’s if their unable to do so before they destroy it? The person was arrested that’s why it’s in property room. A friend of mine said she has picked up someone else’s property before same situation using a Power of Attorney form. If that’s true which and where do I get the correctf form at?

    • admin

      Bree – We suspect that DC stands for district court. PAR is usually used for parole and BND is normally used for bond.

  11. Debbie

    What does case status APPL DEFR ADJUD mean and also location BND ? I know he’s in the Bexar county Jail but what’s BND? And what does ord no CNTACT/NHOI MEAN?

    • admin

      Joejoe – Out of co is out of county. That means the warrant came from someplace other than Bexar County. CMag release means the individual was released from the CMag. They were not sent to the jail.

    • admin

      Lilly – We think those are the initials of the person making the notation in the system. Just like Not Handled, we have not been able to get an answer on it.

  12. Alazay

    What is the judgement date? And my fiancée judgement says NC-DEFR ADJUD TERM what does that mean? And it says he’s sentenced 0050000000? What does that mean?

    • admin

      Alazay – NC stands for Nolo Contendere. It’s a way of accepting a conviction without actually saying “I’m guilty”. It pretty much is a guilty plea. Deferred adjudication was asked for. In other words, he asked for some criteria he has to meet like paying a fine, doing community service or whatever the judge determines is appropriate for the charge and if he does everything he is supposed to the charge will be dismissed. As far as the sentence, it depends on where it is, the year, month or day section. We can’t tell from what you have given us.

  13. texsus

    what does”code 8″ refer to in the comments section on a pending magistration record? also, the magistration time has passed, but release time on record has not….

    • admin

      Texsus – We’re not sure on that. Technically that is the judicial side, not the jail, which is why we have such a hard time getting answers for what things stand for. Our connections are on the Sheriff’s side of the process.

    • admin

      Chels – RWOB means remanded without bond. In other words no bond was offered. He will have to stay in jail until his court date or until his attorney is able to get a judge to list a bond amount so he can bond out.

    • admin

      firas – We believe those are the initials of the person inputting the information into the computer. No one can or will give us an answer on that question.

  14. holylove

    Hello Admin,
    I figured out what VINE means. However, I noticed that the case # record indicates that “charge record sent to vine” and then “offender record sent to vine.” I was the one that filed a report on this person and was given a case #. So, wouldn’t I be the vine since I made the police report because I was the victim?

    • admin

      Holylove – When the administrators of this website decided to create it we went with a specific area. It was to help the family and friends of people incarcerated. It’s not that we don’t care about other aspects but the process is so huge we couldn’t adequately touch on every aspect of it. The Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) is not part of what we address; however, we recommend you go to the link we supplied in this post for information.

    • admin

      Debra – The different people who enter notations in the system seem to have their own shorthand. Bnd stands for bond. We don’t know if that means a bond amount was given or if it means the bond got posted. We think the last letters are the initials of the person who entered the information.

      • denise

        When I called the office & asked for clarification after I saw DENIED/MIR in the notes for a person on the Central Magistrate Search Website, I was told that MIR were indeed the initials of the person who entered the notes. (And DENIED in this case simply meant he/she was denied a PR bond.)

      • admin

        Denise – You got someone to answer you? Thank you! We’ve been trying to get an answer for that for quite a while.

    • admin

      Ashely – Felony Bond Guidelines. (does not qualifies for a PR-bond due to Felony Bond Guidelines). We are trying to get information on the codes used. We have gotten confirmation that the letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system.

    • admin

      Margie – Surety Bond In Hand. We are trying to get information on the codes used. We have gotten confirmation that the letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system.

    • admin

      Kay – Surety Bond In Route. We are trying to get information on the codes used. We have gotten confirmation that the letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system.

    • admin

      Sara – We’re working on that. We gave them a list of acronyms that we would like them to tell us what they mean. No response yet. We think it means County Court Probation but we’re not sure. On a positive note we did hear back from the jail on the commissary lists and have posted UPDATED COMMISSARY LISTS AND PRICES! Hope to have an answer for you soon.

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