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A sid number is the unique identifying number that the jail assigns to an inmate.  This number is used on ALL of his paperwork, booking paperwork, bonds, medical information, court paperwork, everything .  It is also the easiest way for Central Records to find someone’s information.  The sid number stays the same regardless of how many times an inmate gets arrested so once you get it, save it.  You never know when you may need it again.

If you don’t have the inmate’s sid number call Central Records at 210-335-6201.  You will need to have the inmate’s name and date of birth ready to give to them so they can look up the information.

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    • admin

      Erica – It is possible to find someone who is in jail with just their name. The problem comes if there is more than one person with that same name. If the clerk in Central Records you speak to says they cannot get the information with just a name, that is not true, ask to speak to a supervisor. I get the best results when I call during second shift which is 3 – 11 pm. Central Records is a 24/7 office. Their number is 210-335-6201.

      • Daisy

        My boyfriend, people are telling me he got transferred but when I call central records they tell me he is still their not sure what to believe ? I tried to schedule a visit and it says my inmate can not receive visits is it possible he got tranfeeed and central records is not aware yet ??

      • admin

        Daisy – The jail is housing some of their inmates in Karnes County due to overcrowding. He may have been transferred but we are told he would still technically show up in the Bexar County Jail system as being active. We were told that you should ask what is listed as his location. Maybe the people in Central Records are missing that.

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    • admin

      Sam – It is possible although the people that answer the phones don’t seem to like doing it. I am told it is a lot easier to find the individual if it is not a very common name. They say that the common names lock up their computers.

  1. Alexandra

    when people work as trusties what does it mean they do 2 for 1 or how does that work? my boyfriend is in the annix and they just put him as a trustie. but they suppose to transfer him..

    • admin

      Alexandra – 2 for 1 means he gets credit for 2 days for every one day he is there. If he is sentenced to 30 days in jail he will have completed his time after 15 days, if he was a trustee all that time.

    • admin

      Dave – Are you asking if there is a website that gives that information? If so, then no there isn’t. Central Records won’t give you information once an inmate has left unless it was just a transfer to another facility. What has been explained to us by Sheriff’s Office personnel is that while a person is in jail their information can be released to facilitate people who are trying to bond them out and for contact with family and friends. Once an individual has left the facility his/her information becomes confidential until the case gets adjudicated.

  2. brii

    You mentioned 2 for 1…does every inmate get that? On 7/25 my boyfriend got sentenced to 6 months plus a sentence credit of 36 days. Can you estimate when his release date will be based on this info? Thx

    • admin

      Courtney – Where are you looking that you came up with 63 matches? That’s an unusually high number. Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. If the clerks that answer the phones can’t help you ask to speak to a supervisor. There are other ways for them to search but the supervisors seem to be the ones that can do the deeper searches.

  3. Tony

    I need help no where I have called seems to want to help they just want to end the call. My father Is in bexar county jail I was given his sid number there but they now can’t find him they just tell me that there is no one booked there with that number I call central records and they are able to find him but at the jail he doest exist there when I’m sure he’s there what should I do?

    • admin

      Tony – We are a little confused. Central Records is in the jail so if they say he is there it is because they see his information in the computer showing that he is there. We don’t know who is telling you he is not there or what information you are trying to get. Can you give us more information?

  4. mary

    I have an “offender number” and an “inmate number” do you know which one of the 2 would be considered the SID if at all?

    • admin

      Ashley – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office. You will need the inmates name and date of birth

    • admin

      Norma – We take it you mean his commissary account. It appears immediately but he gets notification within 24 hours.

  5. ranger

    how can i get my cousins sid number to send a care package even though im in another state and dont know his date of birth

    • admin

      Ranger – Do you have any other information on him? Maybe his address? Call Central Records at 210-335-6201 and ask to speak to a supervisor. Tell them your problem. Maybe they can help you.


    my husband is a trustee and hes also working in there as well. everytime i call central records they say his release date is october 4th but his good date is august 4th. he only has a class a misdemeanor. i believe his lawyer said he’ll be doing 3 for 1 but why doesnt central records see that information in their computers?

    • admin

      Ashley – They are not allowed to give that information out. One incident and the inmate could be removed from trustee status and back to regular time. They can never be sure that will be the date or if circumstances will change.

    • admin

      James – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people to maneuver through the complex system that is the Bexar County jail. The person that was supposed to receive the package needs to file a grievance if he did not get it. The paperwork is in the living area. You can try calling the Banking department at 210-335-6287. We were told they are not supposed to give out that information but several commenters have said they will.

  7. Alexis

    My friend has been in prison since March an he has been moved around a lot , he was last in Garza west and we lost contact for some reason an I had a voicemail tonight that was from him an said he was in Bexar County Detention Center, Does his SID number change?? He has been in Bexar County before but I don’t know if his SID number is the same? I want to write him ..

    • admin

      Alexis – He will have the same Bexar County sid number as he had the last time. It will not be the same sid number as what he had at Garza West.

  8. Patricia

    Good evening,
    My daughter was arrested on Saturday night I am trying to get information about her bail why was she arrested, because this is my first time I have ever gone threw this I don’t know where to start and what to do! Can you please help or direct me to the right place!
    I would greatly appreciated!

    • admin

      Patricia – Just to clarify we are not the Bexar County Jail. We are a private website attempting to help family and friends of arrested people. You need to call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 department. They will need your daughter’s name and date of birth to look her up in their computers.

  9. Victoria

    If someone got put on a inmates negative mailing while they were in Garza west, and they got transferred back to Bexar County, are they able to write?

  10. Ruby

    How do I know if my boyfriend got the money I sent him through touchpay direct? & Does that included for his phone calls too?

  11. Deborah

    I’m trying to find out when my brother is going to get out. He originally had a release date of 7/25/2015 his side number is Sid #0000000. Please give me and my family any info u can.

    • admin

      Deborah – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help the family and friends of inmates. You need to call Central Records at 210-335-6201.

  12. Val

    When I do a Texas wide “offender with court cases” search it states that my cousin is in Bexar County but when I call central records in Bexar County they can’t seem to find him. What else I can do to locate him?

  13. Desire

    My husband had court this morning for child surport and he had a cash bond of 3000. So when he went to court the judge gave him a plea bargain.and he called me that they were going to let him come home.and hes still not release ..anyone have a idea how long it takes to get release from bexar county

  14. Kat

    Why does my friend have an SID# 0000000? How do I get in contact with him or find his location if his disposition says “magistrated-released”. Was he transferred or released and why doesn’t he have an sid #?

    • admin

      Kat – Contact Central Records to see if they have anything on him. It may be that the magistrate determined there was not enough to hold him and released him outright.

    • admin

      Avlyn – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201 to get the sid number. You will need the inmates name and date of birth. If the inmate is a female she will be at the Annex. If a male he could be at the Annex but he may be at the Main jail. The Annex is more likely.

  15. Karla

    Hi, I do have the SID number and was wondering, how I could use this to track the Defendant? I was unable to find her in the online criminal records check, but she is definately there. We are trying to follow this case from another state. Please help. Thank you.

  16. Eric

    Anyone with half of a brain and 2 eyes can see…the typical answer for anything here…is guess what….


    Stop asking your stupid questions and CALL YOURSELF!

    These people on here DON’T know the answers and they DON’T work for the Prison System…wow, Imagine that! Stop being brain dead (Lazy) and DO YOUR OWN WORK!

    • admin

      Eric – You are right, we do not work for the jail. Central Records is sort of the hub for the jail. They have inmate records that include things like sid number, charges, bond amounts, location and so on. They forward calls to different areas if the questions are outside of what they do. We are not trying to blow people off by having them call Central Records, just trying to get them going in the right direction.

  17. admin

    Sandra – We have no idea what you are talking about. If you describe what you are trying to do maybe we can figure out what it is you need.

    • admin

      Janet – You will need to send him a letter either telling him to put you on his visitation list so you can visit or sending him your phone number so he can call.

    • admin

      Jen – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office. If they won’t look up the information with just a name ask to speak to a supervisor. They can also give you his sid number and unit number so you can mail a letter.

    • admin

      Letty – You can try calling and asking to be transferred to the shift commander’s office. We’re not sure if they will give you the information but that would probably be the best place to start.

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    • admin

      Jazealle – You need his DPS number. They refer to their number as a sid also.

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    • admin

      Deborah – You can contact Central Records at 210-335-6201 if you need the sid number.

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    • admin

      Kinzey N Todd – It used to be fairly fast, a few hours, but now under Sheriff Salazar it is taking a lot longer. It doesn’t seem that the Sheriff’s Office is handling the new processing facility very well.

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