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The Bexar County Jail releases inmates 24 hours a day.  An individual can be processed as an in & out from the Magistrate’s Office (which basically means it is done in a relatively short period of time).  If a bond is not ready or is not going to be posted the individual will be transported to the main jail for regular processing.

If a judge grants an inmate a Court Ordered Release for that day the inmate will be processed out before midnight.  The jail personnel have to wait for the information to come across from the courthouse.  It is not sent until an hour or two after the end of the business day.  Once at the jail it must be processed before the inmate is released.  The inmate handbook states the time frame for release as being between 4:00 pm and 12:00 am.  However, from what I have been able to find out the time frame seems to be closer to 8:00 pm to 12:00 am for this type of release.

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  1. joan

    I got a 6 month county jail sentence in Bexar co. How long of time will I actually do? I’ve already got 3 weeks and 3days done already.

  2. julie

    My husband had court this morning & was given probation & I just called central records to find out the progress of his release and they gave me a number to the court he was at & said to find out when they are going to send his paperwork over because they don’t show anything in the system yet… What’s the best way to get things going and find out the progress of his release…

    • admin

      Julie – From the way we understand the process the jail has to wait for the paperwork to be sent before they can begin anything. That makes sense. Supposedly the courts send the paperwork in bulk amounts, not one case at a time. That also makes sense but it means that some paperwork gets held even though the case has already been determined. Once the jail gets the paperwork they process it in the order it came in. That can make the process drag out a bit but it is the most efficient and fairest way. They tell us that they try to get all releases out by midnight.

  3. Inasia

    Hi my brother in law is a first time offender for DWI and has a 100,000 bond. Is it better for us to get an attorney to lower the bond? If so should we find an attorney or get an appointed one? We need help to get the process done fast and get him out. We don’t know where to even start. Please help.

    • admin

      Inasia – Wow! That’s a high bond for a first time offender. He must have really ticked off the judge. If you want fast you probably want to hire an attorney yourself.

  4. Judy

    My son is in jail on a NTR for not checking in with his P.O. He received a ticket for talking on his cell phone in a school zone. He’s suppose to appear/pay on Oct 26/2015. If he is still incarcerated can family members pay the fine for him so he doesn’t get into anymore trouble?

    • admin

      Judy – We imagine the ticket happened within San Antonio city limits. You would need to call the municipal courts for an answer but we imagine they will be willing to take your money.

  5. LIZ

    My son has been in the Bexar County Jail for 71 days, he was sentenced to 6 months today with time served counting. The judge decided that he do the rest of his time in state jail which I think is prison. Will he get 2:1 and he is a trustee in the kitchen as head cook. Does any of this help him released prior to the full six months. The judges clerk said it was up to TDC. Please explain.

    • admin

      Liz – That seems strange. Normally up to two years is done at the county level. They won’t transfer him until they have room.

  6. LIZ

    If anyone out there knows the answers to my questions above about my son getting 6 months please,please,please answer my questions. I’m an older Mother whose health is bad, not concerned about myself but I in fear for my son’s health. He said on the phone Dominguez is where he’ll go. They made a movie called , Inner Peace” about Dominguez in 2015. The PEP program is what the woman wrote about which became a movie. I have not seen it. Does anyone know how long the transfer takes, a day, a week? I’m very worried about that place most all of the inmates are sentenced to 25 years or more. Really any inside information to these posts will help. I’m searching for answers. His crimes were riding a motorcycle without a clear title and less than a gram of a controlled substance. Both were felonies.

  7. LIZ

    This is Liz again. My son was sentenced into two 6 months sentences to be served concurrently. He was given 71 days for time served. He is waiting to be transferred to TDC. Is there any way Bexar County can give him 2:1 or 3 :1 for his time in jail before he goes to prison? His ct. Appointed attorney was ——- an 86yr old man who knew nothing about trustee status.

    • admin

      Liz – Wow! He’s scheduled to go to TDC for just a few months? We thought they were too full to take someone for such a short period of time. Since his sentence is for a total of 6 months (they’re being served at the same time) and he’s already done 71 days (a little over 2 months) he has less than 4 months to go and they haven’t even picked him up yet. We’re betting they don’t, they let him serve out his time at the jail.

  8. Nicole

    My husband is set for release Oct 25 (Sunday) is there a certain time y’all start his release process? Could he get pulled out in the morning afternoon or night? How early can he be pulled out and start getting processed to be released

  9. Cassie

    Hi my husband is currently serving time at kleberg county jail and is supposed to get released soon. He got 10 months state jail and got time credit for 280 days….problem here is that they told him he will be getting transferred to dominguez facility tomorrow morning. Saturday marks the 305 days he got served for, but I have been calling everywhere and they cant give me his release date bc according to them they dont have it on file they said he needs to get transferred to state jail and then once there I can call and ask when his release date is. Is this how it usually works do they transfer right before the release date? I honestly dont see a point in the state wasting money to transfer him to sit in booking for a few days to just get released!

    • admin

      Cassie – For safety reasons information is not given out regarding when an inmate is going to be transferred. Dominguez is a State level prison. We only deal with the bureaucratic tangle at the Bexar County jail. You need to call Dominguez.

  10. JR

    My girl was held on Jp Fines?? Or court fines on last Sunday night it was already after 12 so I guess you could say early Monday morning i talked to the clerk @the countys front desk they said her case had already been pre-determined so she had been sentenced already and they said her release date is tomorrow but will she get out early Monday morning like around the time she went in or she gonna have to wait till 12:00am tomorrow

    • admin

      JR – Release times are always difficult to determine especially so when you are not sure if they are JP fines or court fines. If she is serving out a JP fine they I believe they recalculate the amount at midnight. A court fine can be paid right away.

  11. admin

    Mandy – Most people get out within a few hours. Some people have other things that they are waiting for like a GPS monitor or bed space at a rehab facility. It could take those people a couple of days to months.

  12. admin

    Rene – Are they doing 3 for 1? We thought they had changed back to 2 for 1. It’s hard to keep track since they can change at will. Call the Front Desk officers at 210-335-6300 to see if they can give you that information.

  13. admin

    Samantha – You have every chance in the world. Once his attorney shows he was physically unable to attend the judge will reinstate the bond. That is, as long as he doesn’t act like a smart alec with the judge.

  14. Sianna

    If my boyfriend is in county jail he’s been in there for two months and I called and asked for his release date and they told me he only got 60 days county jail but on his inmate list it says 2 yrs tdc what does that mean??

    • admin

      Sianna – We recommend that you call back to speak to someone else. The information they gave you and what’s on the list doesn’t make sense. Maybe they made a mistake.

  15. Sandy

    My bf should get out on the 19 (tomorrow)
    But they didnt give me a time when is the most appropriate time for them to release him yes i know ita any time but when are they most likely to release him???

  16. Jasmine

    I posted bond for my husband at 1pm why hasn’t he been released when i check online it state’s he’s been released on bond but is still in a holding cell

    • admin

      Jasmine – It could be that they just haven’t gotten to him yet. It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to process someone out. Or it could be he is waiting for a monitor of some kind. We don’t have enough information to tell.

  17. Lani

    My husband got picked up friday night in bexar county on a class A misdemeanor for child support violation in Victoria County and they put RWOB. I am on bedrest and have no funds for bills. Who do I contact to see if the rwob can be lifted or is he basically screwed until victoria county decided to pick him up? Is there anything his probation officer here can help me with?

    • admin

      Lani – I doubt his parole officer will do anything to get that changed. Your best bet is to get with her attorney to see if the attorney can get the judge to set a bond. It’s tough when it’s child support.

      • Daniela

        Im sorry but what does this mean? My boyfriend is there and on the public records it says he is released but he is still detained.

      • admin

        Daniela – If he just came up as released but is still there then he is probably still in the process to be released. It takes two to three hours after he is released in their computers before he is actually released out of the doors. He has to be given his paperwork, his property, allowed to change back into his own clothes and things like that. If it is more than a day then there might be a hold on him. You should contact Central Records to find out if there is a hold.

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  18. Lisa

    My bf is being released on bail with a gps leg monitor.. does anyone know the process as far as how long he has to wait to get the monitor

    • admin

      Lisa – We’ve asked this question before and were told “when one becomes available”. Some people have said they have had to wait a long time. If any of our readers have any information we encourage you to post it to help others.

  19. Mari

    My husband was to turn himself in to serve 14 days at bexar county. Today marks the 14 days. I called the information and there is no info they can give me. No release date, no court date no nothing. His po is the one that told him he had to serve those days. Does anyone know how that works. Just confused on the process.

  20. Javier

    My son is projected to be released sun feb 5 which is tomorrow. Is there a number I can call to find out if we are on schedule?

    • admin

      Javier – Not really. The best you can do is keep calling Central Records every couple of hours to see if he is in active or released status. Once he has gone into release status it will still be a couple of hours before he actually walks out of the door. They have to process him out.

  21. Maria

    My husband was supposed to be out since the 6. For some reason they changed it to the 12 will he be out by midnight tonight

    • admin

      Peggy – The inmate was probably in jail for 5 days before he went to court. Say the judge gave him a 30 day sentence but gave him credit for the 5 days he served while waiting for a court hearing. The inmate only needs to do 25 more days since he was credited with the 5 days he already did.

  22. Jesse

    Why was my son transfered to Karnes 4/28/17 if he received a 6 month sentence at 2 for 1 by the judge in Bexar count .He’s been there since 4/6/17 How do i find out his release date ? Thank you

    • admin

      Jesse – We’re not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the jail. A judge in Bexar County cannot sentence for a charge our of Karnes. He probably had a charge from there and a charge for Bexar County. The judge would have made the ruling only for the Bexar County charge. If he is in Karnes you will have to contact them.

  23. jesse

    So sorry i thought this was part of bexar county .But no he has no charges in Karnes i believe he was transfered to releive over crowding in BCJ . Serving 2:1 for Obstn of hwy Thank you

  24. Bri.

    My Bf Was Sentenced 5/22/17 to 6 mos in bear county jail, he’s in the trustee pod and says he should be getting 3 for 1 . And he already has credit for 14 days as of today.. How could I find out a release date, or how long do you think until he’s released . Thank you.

  25. Holly

    My husband is serving 45 days but said he is going to get 3:1. Where do I look up the remaining fines and where do I pay them? Thank you

    • admin

      Holly – Call the front desk where the officers are. That number is 210-335-6300.

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  26. Alma

    My wife went to court at 9 am Thursday and the judge released her on probation. No monitor, and it’s Saturday and when we call the atty and court said they already sent the paper work. But the 335-6201 number, they say they got no paper work on her. Who can I call that can help us. Because so that you understand my question more she had agreed to go to sat if for 3 month’s. But we hired a lawyer and Thursday at 9am judge grant her release but back on probation. And they don’t say anything about any holds and she ain’t getting the monitor. So where just trying figure out what’s going on. We call the jail at 335-6201 and they tell us to call the court but we already did and court said they sent the paper work as of yesterday again. So please let me know who else I can contact to fix this delicate matter. Thank you for you’r time.

    • admin

      Alma – You need to contact the lawyer you hired. He will be able to track down where the paperwork is so it can be processed.

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  27. Darlene

    My husband got sentenced to 3 years he’s already served 2 months prior to his 3 year sentence he’s been in their 2 weeks as a trustee since August 2 is he getting 3 for 1

    • admin

      Darlene – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the Bexar County jail. You will have to contact the jail for information specific to a particular inmate.

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    • admin

      Michael – The way it has been explained to us is the Courthouse sends the paperwork over at 7:00 pm. It is then processed in the order it is received. They try to get people placed into release status before midnight on the day the judge signs the release paperwork.

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  28. Adrian

    Husband went to court.judge said he will do 8 months but release papers says “until further notice” he has been in there a month and is a trustee is their a possibility he wont have to do the whole 8 months since its not on the paper?

    • admin

      Adrian – It’s very possible that he won’t have to do the full 8 months since he is a trustee. Contact the officers at the Front Desk to see if they have any information on how much credit he is receiving as a trustee.

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  29. Maryjane

    My Son has served 5 months in TDC. Has returned for court and from what I understand has to Serve 4 more months at a Place called MIOF,since he is Disabled. Then he will be Released on Shock Probation but It has Already Been A Month that hes been waiting at Bexar County Jail! And ALL this Time IS NOT COUNTING FOR NOTHING! Whom do I contact or Where should I Go to get Answers.He needs to continue Treatments from his Dr.s And take the Right Prescriptions.

    • Maryjane

      My Question has been answered by looking on previous Qs n As. Thank you for this site. I Appreciate your Help, I have had to resort to your site several times and have found it very Resourceful…Thanks Again. I enjoy learning and knowing about the Law and Beating Around the Bush Procedures! Often getting so Frustrated with the “Bureaucracy of it All!” I will Recommend It Highly to anybody that needs answers or advice.

      • admin

        Maryjane – Thank you for your kind words and your referral. It’s good to know that the hard work we put in is appreciated.

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