Electronic Monitoring & GPS

The Electronic Monitoring and GPS programs are part of pretrial services (the same area that handles PR bonds).  These are court ordered programs.  The judge decides the level of supervision the individual will receive.  There are three levels of supervision.

Full House Arrest means 24 hour monitoring.  Partial House Arrest means an individual is tracked to and from work or school.  For this type of monitoring the individual has to give the officers his work/school schedule.  They will check to see if he did go to work/school.  The last type is Restricted Area.  This type of monitoring checks to make sure the individual stays out of the area designated as restricted.

Both types of supervision require the individual to have a permanent address.  If he is not the owner of the place he lives at the owner will have to sign a consent form before the individual can use the program.  For Electronic Monitoring, a home phone is required in addition to a permanent address.

GPS monitoring costs $300 a month.  Electronic Monitoring costs $270 a month.  They will only accept cash or money orders.  Bexar County Pretrial Services has their own collections department that will take the payment.  For more information contact 210-335-8930.

28 thoughts on “Electronic Monitoring & GPS

  1. Pamela

    i have an ankle monitor through g4s i felt unsafe and like a roommate was gona get me back into trouble. i left and notified officers immediately and now that the roommate has been removed i need to go back but am scared to get into more trouble. i have a very strict (understatement) officer and want to know if i go back if i’ll get arrested.

    • admin

      Pamela – We are not the Bexar County Jail. This is a private site. You should contact the officer who is supervising you to get an answer to your question.

    • admin

      Larry – Not really. Bond amounts are linked to the level of the charge per the penal code. For example, a class B misdemeanor can have a fine up to $2,000, confinement up to 180 days or both. The amount of the bond is set by the judge but they stay within the guidelines barring unusual circumstances. If you don’t mind reading the actual code it can be viewed at: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/docs/PE/htm/PE.12.htm

  2. Gemma

    Who do I contact about removal of a ankle monitor if someone has been on it for 7 years? They were released from Bexar county jail and moved to California when he was released would that person need to come back to Texas to have it removed or can someone contact the monitoring program in California to have them remove it? Thank you in advance.

  3. Cindy

    If my girlfriend has already been sentenced and serving her time at the annex is this still an option.. Can she get out sooner on this program if so where can I get information on this she is scheduled for release in August 2015

  4. Janie

    What are the qualifications for the GPS program for an inmate in Texas and where can information be acquired? Tk you.

  5. Katherinr

    If I been on monitor for 3 years in Bexar County can I make an address change to Houston Texas or do I have to stay in Bexar County?

  6. Jasmine

    Hello when you get the monitor can we make payments or whatt?? N the person he gonna stay with is temporary can he use that address..??

  7. Arvis

    Does anyone know about the GPS Program for Inmates who have already been Convicted/Sentenced? It’s supposedly a very new program, but I’m not able to find out any information

    • admin

      Arvis – Normally GPS is ordered by the judge. You can try calling Adult Probation to try to find out more. 210-335-6219.

  8. Veronica

    how does someone go about switching a location. they are on monitor and want to move to another location. Who do we call and what needs to be done..

    • admin

      vNne – The monthly fee is $300. You can get more information by calling Pre-Trial Services at 210-335-8930.

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    • admin

      Amanda – That is a legal question. You need to speak to an attorney.

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  9. Erna

    When can inmate request this program? Can he request personally from law library forms? I don’t know His next court date yet, it was reset. Attorney only mentioned this program after hearing to reset was over. ty

    • admin

      Erna – Electronic Monitoring and GPS are programs ordered by the judge.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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