Mail Regulations

Inmates can receive mail Monday – Friday except on holidays.  All mail is opened before being given to the inmate.


A maximum of 6 photographs can be sent in a letter but an inmate is only allowed to have a total of 6 photographs in his possession.

No Polaroid pictures or pictures with cardboard backs are allowed.

No pictures larger than 5X7 are allowed.

Books, Magazines and Newspapers

Inmates can receive some books, magazines and newspapers but they must be sent directly from the publisher to the jail.  No pornographic material is allowed.

Money Sent in Letters

Inmates are not allowed to have money or other types of funds in their possession.  All purchases are made through their commissary.


Pretty much everything else is not allowed and will be considered contraband if included in a letter.

If a letter has contraband everything gets returned to the sender except for any illegal items.


Inmate Released or Transferred

Mail will be returned to the sender if it is received after an inmate has been released or transferred.

Mail Room:  210-335-6240

319 thoughts on “Mail Regulations

  1. Gina

    Can I send Activity books? I’ve sent books from Amazon and they go through just fine but wasn’t sure about activity books. Do you know if the jail allows inmates to receive them?

    • admin

      Gina – There’s nothing in their policy that says they cannot receive activity books. They still have to come from a vendor like Amazon but it should not cause an issue.

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