Mail Regulations

Inmates can receive mail Monday – Friday except on holidays.  All mail is opened before being given to the inmate.


A maximum of 6 photographs can be sent in a letter but an inmate is only allowed to have a total of 6 photographs in his possession.

No Polaroid pictures or pictures with cardboard backs are allowed.

No pictures larger than 5X7 are allowed.

Books, Magazines and Newspapers

Inmates can receive some books, magazines and newspapers but they must be sent directly from the publisher to the jail.  No pornographic material is allowed.

Money Sent in Letters

Inmates are not allowed to have money or other types of funds in their possession.  All purchases are made through their commissary.


Pretty much everything else is not allowed and will be considered contraband if included in a letter.

If a letter has contraband everything gets returned to the sender except for any illegal items.


Inmate Released or Transferred

Mail will be returned to the sender if it is received after an inmate has been released or transferred.

Mail Room:  210-335-6240

255 thoughts on “Mail Regulations

  1. Nicole

    I sent my friend a greeting card and wrote a letter to go inside and he never received it. I sent it sat. And it is now Thursday. Was that okay that u sent the letter inside the card?

  2. Rachel

    I need help sending books to my son. Can someone please tell me how to do that. I know they have to be from the publisher, but where do i look. For example,he wants James Patterson books and magazines,where do i look for those or what website do i order them from? Please HELP

    • admin

      Rachel – We have heard several people say they have had books sent from Amazon and the books were delivered to the inmate. We suggest you try that. Ordering from a publisher is not as easy as it used to be.

  3. Jennifer

    I just ordered two books for my son directly from They are paperback books. One is of drawings and the other is Chicken Soup for the Soul. The drawings are of animals and such, nothing explicit. I had it addressed to Bexar County Jail and put my son’s name and SID number. Did I follow all regulations? I want to make sure the books get to him. Is there a limit incase I want to send more in the future?

    • admin

      Scott – In our category Sending & Receiving Mail there is a link titled Addressing a Letter. You can fill it out the same way. If there isn’t enough room you can skip the location line but make sure you put the sid # after the name otherwise it won’t get to the recipient.

  4. Cristina

    What is the rules or limit on what types of books we can have sent? I want to send the new book about beating addiction by a motley crue member but it’s pretty graphic . there are no pictures though.

    • admin

      Christina – The rules are that books are supposed to come straight from the publisher and that they cannot have inappropriate material in them. We have had plenty of people say they have had books sent from Amazon and that the books have gotten to the inmates. We suspect that if there are not pictures the book will go through. Give it a try then let us know how it went so we can pass it on to the rest of our readers. Thanks

  5. lynyrd

    Book I want to send is St. Martins publisher. I understand must be purchased thru publisher. Redirects to Question is if a novel was sent from will the inmate receive or will book be rejected. Based on fact not mailed from original publisher.

    • admin

      Dawn – Many of our readers have said that they have done this and the inmate received the item even though that’s not technically the policy. We recommend you try.

    • admin

      Harley – There is no limit on the length of the letter. You could probably get away with sending blank pages but I doubt they would let you send an envelope since it has glue on it. Security. They have no idea if someone has added something to the glue. And yes you can send a picture by your daughter.

    • admin

      Rebecca – It takes the normal time for the post office to deliver it then about another 24 hours being processed and delivered to the inmate.

    • admin

      Barbara – A lot of things could have gone wrong or it could just be too soon. If he hasn’t received them in another couple of days make sure you have the right location and/or put his sid number on the envelope. If all of that is correct he needs to file a complaint. There are forms in the day rooms.

  6. Kim

    My husband is has long hair. I want to send him a package including all white undergarments may I include a White Doo rag? and for that matter can I send him white undergarments?

  7. madi

    can you send a typed letter and does bexar have the icare accepted to be delivered i tried but it does not have san Antonio bexar county as a facility but its on the mailing regulations page?

  8. Jennifer

    I sent 3 letters to my husband on Monday and he has just told me he only received one of them. One has nothing but pictures and another one has a I love you card and was signed and hasn’t gotten them but was able to receive the written letter I have sent him. Who do I ask why he hasn’t received them yet?

  9. Jacquelyn

    If an inmate is getting ready to pull chain in less than two weeks are they still allowed to send mail out to let people know where they’re going & when? Or are they put in a incoming mail only type of situation? How does that work?

    • admin

      Sarah – You should have gotten the letter by now. Is it possible he put the wrong address on the letter? You can try calling the Mail Room at 210-335-6240.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Sarah – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help the family and friends of inmates to deal with the complex processes at the jail. We recommend you call the Mail Room at 210-335-6240.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  10. Linda

    I have attempted to send one book on three separate times and the books have been sent back. I used amazon. The first two attempts according to the mail room were returned because amazon used amazon logistics and not UPS, FED EX, or the US mail. The third time I used FED ex. The book is a classic without inappropriate content. What the heck is the problem?

    • admin

      Linda – The actual policy is that books are only accepted from the publisher. That’s really hard to do. We have had several readers say they were able to send books from Amazon and book stores such as Barnes & Nobles but there still doesn’t seem to be a uniform approach. It’s made it very difficult for our readers. When we hit problems like this we recommend that a complaint is made to the Sheriff’s administrative offices. You can contact them at 210-335-6010.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  11. Val

    Hello i just have a quick question?
    Is it ok if i send a picture of myself but im wearing a spaghetti strap shirt.or is that not allowed.? Someone please help ☺.

    • admin

      Val – All the Inmate Handbook says is no nude/partially nude/sexually explicit photographs. That sounds like the spaghetti strap shirt is acceptable. Note: It also says children must be fully clothed just in case you wanted that information also.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  12. Brandy

    I want to thank you for yourr time and efforts to create this website. This has been a very helpful source of information for someone like myself, who has a family member in jail and needs help navigating the BCADC. Thank you!

    • admin

      Brandy – Thank you for your kind words. All of us who work on this website have had either family or friends that gone through the jail so we understand the frustration. It’s what brought us together to try to help. Unfortunately we can’t give as much time to this website as we would like since we have full time jobs and even side jobs but we do our best.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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