Addressing a Letter

Person sending the letter: To send a letter to an inmate you have to address the envelope the way the jail wants it.  In the upper left hand corner you need to print the sender’s name and address.

Person receiving the letter:

The first line should have the inmate’s name.  It should be the name he is booked under at that time.  Right after the name you will need to put his sid number.

The second line will be the inmate’s location.  A location of ADC6BG23 would be broken down as Adult Detention Center (ADC), sixth floor, unit BG, cell 23.  Since the ADC doesn’t really help to find an inmate you will frequently be given the location without the ADC portion.  Either way will work.

The third line should have Bexar County Adult Detention Center on it but you can write B.C.A.D.C. instead.

The fourth and fifth lines will have the actual physical address of the jail.  This is the address you will send regular mail to for both the Main Jail and the Annex.  The mail room will separate it.

How to address a letter.

Envelopes not addressed correctly will usually be returned to the sender.

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    • admin

      Valencia – The location helps the mail room people to know where to sort the letter to. If you just put the sid it will still get to him, they will just have to look up the location in the computer.

    • admin

      John – No the location is not necessary but it makes it easier for them. The sid number is necessary. They will use that to look up the location number.

    • admin

      Vanessa – The detention facility has to have a contract with Jpay and a kiosk on property. The Bexar County Jail does not deal with this vendor at this time.

    • admin

      Lizeth – Bexar County does not have a website that supports that yet. Hopefully someone will realize what a good idea it is and work on it.

  1. emanda

    If you look on the Bexar County Central Magistrate Search, it has the SID number at the top of the inmate information. I just looked up my relative and saw it there. Just letting you all know! Hope it helps

  2. natasha

    does the sid number start with a “B” i was able to find the inmate with the arrest records but i am not immediate family so i cannot visit this person ill have to write a letter

    • admin

      Jaynie – Reading glasses can be taken to the front desk officers to give to the inmates. You will need the inmates sid number to give to the officer.

    • admin

      Janice – No. When you write his location number down it is coded to show the Annex. Location numbers that have two letters in them are at the Main Jail. Location numbers that have only one letter in them are at the Annex. If you did not wright down the location number it’s alright. They can look it up by the sid number. It just makes it easier if it’s already there. If you don’t have the sid number either you will need to call Central Records to get it. They will need it.

    • admin

      Benjamin – We don’t know what you are asking. Do you mean do you put a stamp on the envelop of a letter you want to send to an inmate? If so, then yes, it will need a stamp.

  3. V

    I need to send an inmate as special power of attorney to
    a transfer motor vehicle and to close a bank account. Am I
    able to mail this to the inmate for signing and is there a
    notary available?

    • admin

      Sylvia – The location is a letter and number designation for where the inmate is assigned. You can call Central Records at 210-335-6201 to find out what his location is. You will need his name and date of birth.

  4. erica

    Is there any way to find out why my husband did not receive two out of three letters that I sent him? The letters did not get returned to me also I did not write anything bad that would make them hold the letters

    • admin

      Erica – First off, check to make sure you have the correct sid number. You probably do since one got through but make sure you are not transposing any numbers. Then you may want to give the mail room a call at 210-335-6240 to see what may be happening.

  5. Stacy

    My friend was arrested in court and given 6months. How can I get him my full legal name for the visitation list and also his sd# for mall. Thank you for your help.

    • admin

      Stacy – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201 to get his sid number and location. Once you have that you can write him a letter giving him your full legal name so he can add you to his visitation list.

  6. deeana

    Hi I am worried that some letters I have sent are not being given to the inmate. I say this because there are about three letters he has not received, I am positive they are being addressed correctly. One specific letter I sent out on the 21st of January and it is now the 8th of Feb. and he has not received the pictures of his father. Usually you get the letters to him pretty quick. How long can it take to get a letter at most? I really don’t want these letters to get lost. Thank you

    • admin

      Deeana – We are not the actual Bexar County jail. This is a private website set up to help people try to figure out the system so they can help their loved ones. If you are sure you put the correct sid number on the letters then your next step would be to call the mail room at 210-335-6240 to see what the problem is.

      • Sarah

        Yea gl with that. I was told they can only give information about inmates receiving letters if its certified. Personally, I just think they are lazy.

  7. Margie

    How would an inmate now he has money in his books if IWe sent it through the bexar county automated machine that is in the lobby.

    • admin

      Jessica – If the inmate is still in jail you can call Central Records at 210-335-6201. If he has already been released you should check his paperwork.

    • admin

      Melissa – You can call the Shift Commander’s Office to let them know you are having a problem. That number is 210-335-6226. Or you can go to your local post office station to get them to return those letters.

    • admin

      Rosa – They will accept it but if it needs to be returned for any reason they will have to throw it away since they don’t have a return address.

    • admin

      Rose – We only deal with the Bexar County jail. We suggest you look up the detention facility on the internet then call them to see what their mailing regulations are and what the address is.

  8. adele

    smy brothers in prison.never sent a letter before an been so.stressed that i have sent yhe letter to the prison but havent putl his name an number on the front of the letter.only put it on the postal order inside the letter.will they just bin it

    • admin

      Adele – You keep saying prison so we’re not sure if you mean the jail or you’re talking about the state system. If you are just using that term but mean the Bexar County jail then no, they don’t bin the letters. They either return it to the sender or in your case they may forward it on to Banking since the info is on the money order. They don’t have to but they might. If you mean did mean prison and are talking about the state system then you would need to contact them. We only deal with the Bexar County jail.

  9. Crystal

    I need to find my friend location the floor he is on how do I go about that? can anyone help me I would gladly appreciate it thank you.

  10. Bianca

    I live in fort worth but my boyfriend is in jail in San Antonio. I’m not sure how long it takes to receive a letter from him if he was booked on the 26th an it being the 2nd already, do you know how long it generally takes to receive a letter from someone?

    • admin

      Bianca – Inmates receive mail Monday through Friday except for holidays. A lot of the time it takes to get the letter is time the post office needs in getting it to San Antonio and then sorting it out for the jail.

    • admin

      Jammie – The Annex is part of the Bexar County jail. It’s just a separate building. The mail is sorted at the main building. Just address your letter there. Make sure you put the inmate’s sid number and location on the envelope.

  11. rosie

    I didn’t put the location on my envelope since their Bexar county jail website says (if known), will I get it back or will they deliver it? Also what is considered an “excessive” photo?

    • admin

      Rosie – If you put the sid number on it he should get it. Excessive photo, as in one photo, probably means too much is showing. Excessive photos, more than one, would be more than 6.

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