County Phone Numbers

Adult Probation_____________________________210-335-6219

Child Support________________________________210-335-2767

Courthouse Central Filing___________________210-335-2238

Courthouse Information_____________________210-335-2011

District Attorney’s Office____________________210-335-2311

District Attorney Family Violence___________210-335-2865

Electronic Monitoring________________________210-335-8966

Juvenile Detention___________________________210-335-7600

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1_______________210-335-2806

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2_______________210-335-4850

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3_______________210-335-4750

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4_______________210-335-4950

PreTrial Services______________________________210-335-8930


2 thoughts on “County Phone Numbers

  1. Monette

    How do I find out what my son’s commissary account balance is?
    His name is C*** M******* SID#——-. I have tried calling every number that I have for your facility, but every one of them go to a voicemail. Is there a specific number or department that I can call and obtain this info from? I realize that you all are a huge facility and the front desk is very busy all of the time, therefore I feel silly calling them and keeping them from their duties. Can you please provide a simple phone number or department. When I call the the number that I use to add money to his commissary, it does not tell me the account balance. I added money this morning and did receive a confirmation number, but unfortunately I added the money after the commissary cart came around. I just need to know his balance to determine if I should add more tonight or in the morning. Thank you for your courtesies that you non-stop, extend to myself and others! You are appreciated, more than you’ll ever really know! thank you.
    M****** M******* (just a Mom!)

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