County Courts Phone Numbers

If you want more information go to the Courts Portal.  Each court is a link.  Click on it and you will get more contact information.  They really did a nice job with their site.

County Court 1            210-335-2571

County Court 2            210-335-2573

County Court 3            210-335-2575

County Court 4            210-335-2426

County Court 5            210-335-2567

County Court 6            210-335-2156

County Court 7            210-335-2002

County Court 8            210-335-2005

County Court 9            210-335-2008

County Court 10          210-335-2948

County Court 11          210-335-2023

County Court 12          210-335-2750

County Court 13          210-335-2002

County Court 14          210-335-6472

County Court 15          210-335-1200

Courthouse Information:  210-335-2011

County Courts 7 & 13 do have the same phone number.  Those two courts are handled by the same judge.

6 thoughts on “County Courts Phone Numbers

  1. Anna

    Is there any way to bail some out of jail that has a cash bond? Any programs to help if some on a cash bond for child’s support 1st time?

  2. Adriana

    hello,i was wondering if you can help me I’m stuck looking for my boyfriends laywer and it seem I cant find her do you know where I can locate her I look her up on so many website seem I cant find her and also anther question where can I go to see if my boyfriend still has court and where n when ??

    • admin

      Adriana – To find out court information you will need to contact the court his case has been assigned to. As far as finding his lawyer, if he has a court appointed lawyer you can ask when you call the court clerk about the scheduling of his case. If he has a private lawyer you may have to go to her place of business.

    • admin

      Richard – Call Central Records. Ask what court your sons case is listed in then ask for the phone number for that court. Call the court to see if a court date has been set.

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