Depositing Funds in Person

UPDATE:  You can no longer deposit money into an inmates accounts at the kiosks at the jail.  They are there but seem to have been disconnected and will probably be removed.  To use a kiosk you will have to go to the Video Visitation building and you can only make the deposit during normal business hours.

If you are at the jail and decide you want to deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account you can use the kiosk located in the front lobby. The kiosk is directly in front of the main entrance doors and looks like a small ATM. The kiosk will accept Visa, MasterCard and cash. You will need to know the inmate’s sid number to make the deposit. If you need to get money there is an actual ATM in the lobby area but further in than the kiosk. To get to the ATM you will need to go through the metal detectors. Using the kiosk is the simplest way to put money into an inmate’s account.

According to the Banking department, there is no limit on how much money can be in an inmate’s commissary account.  The Touchpay site says the money usually shows up immediately but can occasionally take up to 24 hours.  If you have any problems with your account you can contact Touchpay support at 1-866-204-1603.

NOTE:  The kiosk can recognize counterfeit bills.

37 thoughts on “Depositing Funds in Person

    • Josh

      How to press charges against Aramark for stealing inmates money for items they dint receive for months over 120.00 THEFT OF SERVICE called a bunch of times they don’t have the items and they will send out item when they can I want a refund I don’t put money in my wife’s account for nothing and I was charged also at the kiosk for it for money to ARAMARK pocket I don’t think so and they told me they can’t put her money back in her account , but why she dint receive anything and they are not going to send out items THE THIEVES of ARAMARK LOST THEIR CONTRACT CROCKS they are the ones they deserve to be in jail not the other inmates for a pack of gum they are I there treated inhuman

    • admin

      Crystal – All three methods (kiosk, internet, by phone) are handled by Touchpay which is a private company. The processing fee should be the same. If you do not want to pay a fee you can mail a money order to the jail. The jail’s Banking department is part of the Sheriff’s Office and does not charge a processing fee.

  1. Eve

    Which is the quickest method to send funds through? So much has changed and the kiosk is new to me but I heard its the fastest way, just making sure.

    • admin

      Eve – Internet transfer and the kiosk are both run by the same company. Supposedly the money will post to the inmate’s account within 24 hours.

  2. Eve

    Well I tried to use the kiosk at the jail but, it was frozen, as was the kiosk across the street at the Annex. According to other people who were hoping to use the kiosk this happens from time to time. Apparently there’s a risk of losing your money as well. One lady told me how it took her $20 but it didn’t post onto her son’s account, it still hadn’t been refunded to her and it had been awhile. I decided to risk using their website to add funds to an inmates commissary account and luckily, as far as I know anyway, the money was posted. It was really simple too, just like the website for inmate phone calls (different companies).

  3. Rebecca

    There is a $5.00 charge when using kiosk and & $5.50 through Internet touch pay. When you mail money order you avoid extra fees just make sure you don’t mail money orders with regular mail to your loved one there is separate address. Also I attempted to put $300. Using phone system but was told by computer automated info that $200 was the limit. So I’m not sure about limit cause banking says otherwise. This is most current from what I know 3/13.

    • admin

      Rebecca – Thank you for the information. Touchpay is a private company. If they choose to set a limit they can but the Bexar County jail does not impose a limit. If you send a $300 money order they will take it.

  4. IRENE

    i was given the wrong sid# for inmate by the staff at bexar county, the money went to another inmate and touch pay refuses to take it back, i called the facility where the wrong inmate is and ask them to take it back they said there was nothing they could do, $160.00, to someone else and i just lose that money, it may be his property now but it wasnt to begin with. i wrote to that inmate and have not received an answer yet,there has to be a way to get it back what can i do?

    • admin

      Irene – Ouch, that’s a tough one. Once you put it in I’m not sure there’s a way to get it back. I would recommend you call the Sheriff’s administrative office at 210-335-6010. We don’t know if they can help you, they may try to put you off but you should push that it was Sheriff’s Office employees that gave you the wrong number. Good luck.

  5. chipi

    we received a letter form my bother who is an inmate there, he gave us a list of items he would like to obtain form the commissary, i have deposited funds to his account, but I would like to know if its possible that i can order this items for him and have them to him

    • admin

      Chipi – If the items he wants are from iCare then you can order them. If they are regular commissary items then no, you cannot order them for him. He will have to order those himself.

  6. Val

    I visit my son Sundays and Tuesdays and want to avoid the service fees that I now realize are %40. Can I leave a cashiers check or money order at a certain desk or counter for my son’s commissary account Instead of having to send it snail mail and not knowing where it ends up.? I find it to be a terrible shame parents, family, and some elderly have to pay such HUGE fees for the HORRIBLE service provided by ICare for trash food. I paid $14 in service fees for a $24.99 box of soup and chips and it took 6 days to get to him. We work hard for our money and family members aren’t criminals, yet we are robbed by these outrageous fees.

    • admin

      Val – You can go in person and use the little kiosk that is right inside the doors. It takes money, credit cards and debit cards. We agree that the prices are exorbitant.

  7. maria

    I went on Sunday@538pm and left funds for J****** L*** 25.55 the computer in his floor is showing he has 24cents,I would really appreciate it if you could summit his commissary slip today,so he can still have his goods thank you very much,plz.get back to me maria Leal,have a blessed day

    • admin

      Maria – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people deal with the complex processes at the Bexar County jail.

  8. Veronica

    I got out of jail and I was supposed to get commissary that day but I left early is there a way to get the money back or my stuff I order

  9. Joanna

    Hi my name Joanna my husband is in bexar county jail and I want to know how to add money for him to eat good in there and what do I need for me to go in the jail and do I need to have to have to Sid # please thanks

    • admin

      Joanna – You were in the right section to deposit funds into the commissary account. There are several ways you can pick from to do it. We’re not sure what you mean when you ask what you need to go into the jail. Do you mean to go deposit funds? Or are you talking about visitation. If it’s just to deposit funds you don’t need anything. If it’s for visitation go to our category on visitation for the rules. And it’s always good to have the inmate’s sid number.

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  10. admin

    Susan – No, the kiosks are strictly for the Bexar County jail commissary account.

    We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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