Calls from the Holding Cells

The holding cells are located in the booking area.  Inmates are allowed to make one free phone call which is usually offered during the interview process.  After that they have access to a phone in their holding cell but they can only make collect calls.  Those phones have the same 15 minute time limit as the phones in the units.  Once the 15 minutes is up the phone will automatically disconnect.  There are no limits on the number of phone calls an inmate can make.

There are no time restrictions when calling from a holding cell.  Inmates are in and out of those cells on a 24 hour basis so their ability to use those phones are on a 24 hour basis also.  Only out-going calls can be made from the holding cells in booking.  Inmates cannot receive calls into the Bexar County Jail.

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      Those times are for the living units. The holding cells are in the booking area. They hold the inmates while they are in the process of being booked. During that time they have access to a phone no matter what time it is. That gives them the opportunity to call family or an attorney to get them out. It is also during the booking process that a person gets assigned a living unit location. If no one bonds out the individual he is taken to his assigned location in the living unit. Once there he can only make calls between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.

  1. linda

    What about those who just got transferred & are waiting for their hearing? How many calls do inmates get in per week?

    • admin

      The same as any other inmate. If he has not been assigned to a living unit yet and is still in a holding cell then the holding cell rules apply. If he has already been assigned to a living unit then the living unit rules apply.

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      Nikke – One poster says that Cricket does not work with the jail system. There may be more but we have not heard about them yet.

  2. JANE


  3. steph

    When an inmate calls the machine says you have to press certain numbers buut its hard to understand what it says to press what is it that you have yo press in order to accept the call ?

    • admin

      Steph – Inmate phone calls are handled by a private company. You will need to call the ICSolutions customer service number to let them know what the problem is. That number is 1-888-506-8407.

  4. Misti

    I’m tryin to find out how to set up an account for my dude to call my home phone is there a service out there I can use me if anyone can tell It would help out a lot thanks

    • admin

      Misti – You need to contact ICSolutions. We have information on them in our Inmate Phone Calls category under the ICSolutions link.

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      Suzanne – Yes. During the hours he is allowed out of his cell he can call. Inmates do get racked up for the night which means they have to go to their cells with the expectation that they will sleep.

  5. bea

    My bf called me to my cellphone and since I didn’t have a prepay acct it. The operator told me tl set one up so I did so my question are will they tel my bf. And how long will it take for my bf to know n can I can the Bexar country jail to tell him

    • admin

      Bea – No they don’t tell him and no you can’t call him. You could visit him and let him know at that time that the account has been set up or you can send him a letter letting him know.

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      Irene – Go to the ICSolutions website for their pricing guidelines. You can find the link on this website in the category Inmate Phone Calls in the post titled ICSolutions.

  6. Sandra

    My bf called me collect and I set up the account immediately. The call from him in Bexar to me in ND was $23.42. Worth it to know he was there but OUCH!

    • admin

      Kristine – As soon as they find out he snuck in a cell phone they will take it away from him. Hopefully soon. If other inmates find out he has one it could be dangerous for him.

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        Celina – You would need to call ICSolutions for help with this. Or maybe one of our readers has an answer? If anyone knows, please share the information.

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