Getting Basic Information

For Inmates:

When an individual gets arrested it’s not really unusual that they miss some of the information that is given to them.  This does not mean that they have to wait until they speak to their attorney to get the information.  Once in a Living Unit the inmate can ask the Living Unit Officer for an Inmate Request for Information Form (Appendix A).  Using this form inmates can get information like who the judge is on his case, the court date, the bond amount, what the charge is, what the fine amount is (if there is one), who their court appointed attorney is and even how much money they have in their commissary account.

What some inmates may be tempted to do is call someone outside the jail then have that person make a conference call to Central Records to try to get the information.  Don’t bother.  Central Records will not assist people on a conference call and quite a bit of that information they don’t have anyway.  In addition, the call could be reported to the Living Unit Officer as a violation of the rules and regulations and may be subject to disciplinary action.

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  1. Dicksie R. May

    I am trying to find out my grandson’s location at Bexar County Adult Dentention Center so that I can write him a letter.

    His name is Alexander.

    • admin

      Dicksie – This is a private site. We are not affiliated with the Bexar County Jail. To get his location information you will need to call Central Records at 335-6201. They can be reached any time of the day or night.

    • Jill

      The first commenter was correct. I just found out where my ex is by calling that number (210-335-6201). They will be able to give you all the info you need about your grandson inside of the bexar county jail.

    • admin

      Roxy – The only online information available is the jail activity reports. Those reports show the last seven days of activity. Go to the Finding Arrested People category then select the Jail Activity Reports link for more information.

  2. Theresa

    I have a question on my son’s clothing. They gave him a paper stating that their clothing has 90 days or it’s conceiter abandonmit. Now, I spoke to a officer and she told me that only if they transfer out of the county. Then the clothing woild need to be pick up w/ in 90 days. Now thats not what the paper states. Who ever comes up or writes these rules needs to be more specific on these rules and regulations.

    • admin

      Theresa – You might try speaking to the Banking department at 335-6287. Mostly they deal with items like money, jewelry, credit cards and such but they may also know the guidelines for articles of clothing.

  3. Patricia

    On the clothing part of pickup, someone told me I had to wait for a letter to be sent to me is this true or can I pick up his clothing before that. How do they know who is to pick up his clothing that is left?

    • admin

      Patricia – If the inmate was transferred to TDC the last thing he does is fill out a form letter stating who he is allowing to pick up any property that he cannot take with him. That letter is then mailed to the person he approved. Property must be picked up within 30 days.

      If the inmate is still in Bexar County and you need to pick up his property you need to go to the Front Desk officers. You need to request and fill out a Property Release Form. Give the filled out form back to the officer. The officer will go to the inmate to sign the form giving his authority for you to pick up his property. The officer will then go to property to get the items and will bring them to the Front Desk. You will need to sign a form that states what items you are receiving.

  4. Hazel

    Hi I’m writing to ask if sid 8*****
    Will be discharged do to a gps hold he went to court
    On tuesday april 17 and he signed papers to be released
    And now they are holding him for the gps hold will he
    Get out some time this week or tomorrow.

    • admin

      Hazel – This is a private website. We are not the actual Bexar County Jail, we just try to help people get information. Your question requires you to contact the jail. Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office.

  5. Victoria

    My husband is in Bexar County detention center. I have put plenty of money on his books so he can be allowed to purchase hyigene products cause the jail will not provide any. Now that he has ordered his commisary the officers are refusing to turn it so he can get items he needs. I want who to talk or go to in order for him to get his sheet turned and get items that I am paying for. this is violation of their constitutional rights. I want this reported. My husband says there are several inmates that claimed to be there a month or more and still havent got anything from their list. What Can I do to see he gets his hyigene products and mailing items he has ordered?

    • admin

      Victoria – First of all the jail does provide hygiene products. Inmates can get better quality ones through commissary. There are specific days when an inmate is allowed to turn in his commissary request sheet. If he is asking to turn it in on a day that is not designated for turn in’s they will not accept it. I do not recommend that you complain to the jail that your husband’s constitutional rights are being violated. There is absolutely nothing in the constitution regarding commissary for inmates.

      If there is really a problem with his list not being accepted your husband can file a grievance. Instructions on how to file a grievance are posted in the day rooms in both English and Spanish. There is another possibility. A lot of inmates lie to their family members saying that they are not getting anything to get those family members to put more money into the inmate’s account. You might want to consider whether that could be a possibility or not.

  6. Jessie

    I have a question about medical costs for inmates. My brother is asking me to put money on his books so that he can get new glasses. His were broken when he was arrested. He says the cost is $45 for an optometry appointment and that he can not get new glasses unless his family pays this fee. Do you know anything about medical services provided to inmates? I would think they would provide him with glasses if his family won’t help him and he can’t see.

    • admin

      Jessie – We had a hard time getting an answer to your question and still don’t have a complete answer. What we were able to find out is that the optometrist comes once every six weeks. The inmate requesting a visit with him needs to get on the medical waiting list. We have not found a person yet that can give us a definite answer as to cost. What we’ve been told is that the charge is minimal, about in the $10 – $15 range. That price range has not been verified. The cost covers the doctor visit and the glasses. We were not able to get a time range regarding how long it takes to get the glasses.

      Funds will be taken from the inmate’s account to cover the cost. The State has changed its rules to allow a negative balance on a commissary account. If the inmate does not have the funds to cover the cost his account will go into the negative. Any money put into his account will first go towards paying off the negative balance.

      Families are allowed to bring glasses to the jail for an inmate or they can pick up the prescription, if the inmate okays it, and have glasses made then bring them to the jail.

  7. karen

    please help? how long will my husband need to stay in bexar county? or dominguez? before they let him out? he has 205 day’s total they said. they are giving him credit for 35 days as of 6/18/12. he is getting 2 for 1 at bcadc his court date was 6/18/12. i need to know what is the soon’est apoun releas date a early guess please and how do i send money? how does he call? how do i send care packages? please i need help!!!…. Thank You

    • admin

      Karen – First of all we are not the Bexar County Jail. This is a private site created to help people maneuver through a system that is complex. It is specifically targeting the Bexar County Jail. Dominguez is a State facility. We do not have any information on them. Regarding the 2 for 1, that is not a guaranteed thing. A lot depends on his conduct within the jail. If he causes problems they are fully within their right to give him straight time. It is an incentive to encourage inmates to behave appropriately. As far as sending money, care packages and making calls we suggest that you browse this site. All those questions have sections that give the answers you require.

    • admin

      Karen – We do not email individuals. Answers to submissions are listed in the blog portion of the article you submitted your question on.

  8. shella

    I wanna know if its true that if we have warrants for traffic tickets if we can get arrested while visiting an inmate at the Bexar county …

    • admin

      Shella – The officers can always arrest on a warrant, even tickets, if they choose. If the tickets are out of one of the Constables’ office then there is a higher chance they will arrest you for the tickets since the Constables are part of Bexar County. If the tickets are from SAPD then the officers will usually just tell the person to get them taken care of. It is not in SAPD’s best interest to keep sending a PD officer to the jail to make the arrest and write the report. It’s more important for SAPD to be out on the streets arresting people for more serious crimes. It all comes down to whether you want to take the chance. The odds are high that if the warrant is out of SAPD then you won’t have any problems but there are no guarantees.

  9. concernedandconfused

    I have a loved one currently in the BCJ. Their court appointed attorney indicated that they could not go for a bond reduction until a medical eval was completed. This eval was to have taken place a few weeks ago, and never happened, we are also not receiving any further updates from their attorney. I contacted Central Records, and they indicated no such request for a medical eval was even on file. Would they have access to such information? if not, who would we contact to confirm if it was ordered & who will complete it?


    • admin

      Concernedandconfused – What kind of medical evaluation are we talking about? If it’s a psychiatric evaluation I doubt they would release that information. The inmate’s attorney has a right to all information regarding his client but if his client instructions him not to release information to anyone else then the attorney will not tell you anything. Your best bet would be to start with the inmate. Ask him what’s happening.

  10. Darlene

    How do I find out if someone is incarcerated? They went to court and we have not heard anything? Is there a site where we place his name?

  11. Michelle

    Hi, I need to know how to request a court date for my husband. He was in the work release and was sent back to bcj. Can you please give me a # i can call or something. thanks.

    • admin

      Michelle – Court dates are assigned by the court. You can’t request one. What you can do is call Central Records, at 210-335-6201, to find out what court his case is in then ask them for the phone number for that court. Call the court, during regular business hours, to find out when his case is set to be heard. You will need his sid number. You can get that from Central Records also.

  12. Michelle

    My boyfriend is locked up and is going to pull chain sometime soon how will i know where they move him to. he is going to do 8 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And will they let me know if i were to call down to the main jail once he is moved? I just want to know cause I’m going to have my baby soon and would like to take her to see her dad.

    • admin

      Michelle – TDC decides where an inmate is going to be housed once they go into their system. Sometimes the jail has that information available, sometimes they don’t. Once the inmate is no longer in the Bexar County Jail you can contact TDC to see where he was sent.

    • admin

      Mona – You can call the Shift Commander’s Office at 210-335-6226 but you will need a valid reason for the move.

  13. christina

    My fiance was sentence to 3 months in jail
    Due to probation violation, but is a working trustee. How do I find out if he can get a 2 for 1? Or does it have to be requested by his lawyer?

    • admin

      Christina – We’re pretty sure that everyone is getting 2 for 1 unless ordered otherwise by the judge but you can call the Front Desk officers at 210-335-6300 to verify.

    • admin

      Leslie – You can call Central Records at 210-335-6201. Ask them to check to see what court your boyfriend’s case is in then ask for the number to the court or go to our phone listings on this website. You will need to call the court to find out when his court date is.

    • admin

      Janice – If he calls you, you can ask him at that time or you can send a letter asking him if he’s put you on the list. The other way to find out is to go to visitation. They will tell you if you are allowed to visit or if you can’t because you are not on his list.

  14. Britney

    My brother got arested they gave him 6 months then got transferred now he did his six months and should be out but the jail said he’s not in the system or there’s a process ? Who do I call to know were he’s at

    • admin

      Britney – You will need to call Central Records at 210-335-6201. You may have some problems if he has already been released. They don’t give out information on an inmate after he has been released. We have found that if you call during the first shift you have a better chance of getting a person who does not pay attention to the rules and will give you that information. If they say no, ask to speak to a supervisor. Say you just need to know where he was sent so you can call that facility.

  15. Becky

    My Son is @ BCADC and will be taken to TDC soon. He wants me to take his watch and wedding band so he can take them with him. Will they allow me to do that at the jail? Please advise.

    • admin

      Becky – Your son can have a watch and his wedding ring at TDC but the Bexar County jail does not allow additional items to be added to his property. You will have to get him those items after he gets to TDC.

  16. Karen

    My husband was arrested 10-26 around 2am hes in the an.ex now can myself and my 5month old go see him on sunday(last name with s) hes suppose to put me on his list but idk if he knows to put the kids does the list matter on the 1st 5?

  17. Sylvia

    My niece was release from BCADC after spending 11days in jail she was told that she can pick up her property any day Monday thru Friday between 7-4. When she went to claim her property she was told there was a $25 fee because it was thru SAPD instead of sheriffs dept. is that right never heard of a $25 fee for claim property

    • admin

      Sylvia – Bexar County does not charge a fee to pick up property. Any property they have in their custody is released to the authorized individual. If a fee is involved it may be that City is still holding the property. They don’t necessarily have to turn the property over to Bexar County. We do not know their policies or fees. Sorry, but we can barely keep up with one agency. You will need to contact the City Magistrate’s office at 210-207-7532.

  18. Gabriella

    My significant other called me and told me to call the jail and find out who his court appointed lawyer is, then to get their contact information so I can call him/her and get any and all information about his case. Is that possible? Or he has to request the form mentioned above himself? I don’t want to get him in trouble.

    • admin

      Gabriella – We have been noticing a new attitude with this Republican administration that has taken over the jail. It seems they are less willing to help the general public. We recommend that you contact the court his case is being tried in to get the information you need on the court appointed attorney.

    • admin

      Tish – If you are asking what can an inmate take from Bexar County to Dominguez, we don’t know. We set up this site to focus exclusively on Bexar County. You need to call Dominguez to see what they will allow to come.

    • admin

      Brittany – Speak to his attorney. If they attorney feels you have something to add he may use you. If all you have to offer is to say what a wonderful person he is, no actual evidence regarding the actual incident, you probably will not be included.

  19. Adrianna

    My best friend recently got sent back to jail, he was in jail last year from May to November, he had court yesterday and he got sent back. I didn’t get the chance to talk to him before he went, but he left me a message telling me to write him as soon as possible, will he have the same number he did before? or do they get new numbers. I have the Address I just need to know if he has the same number as before. Thanks.

    • admin

      Adrianna – If you mean sid number then yes, he will keep that same number every time he goes into the Bexar County jail. If you mean location number, then probably not. That bunk was more than likely filled.

  20. Kristen

    If I’m planning to turn myself in, what can I bring with me? May I bring a book? And if so, what process do I need to go through to get it to me inside?

    • admin

      Karla – Call Central Records at210-335-6201. Ask them what court his case is scheduled in then ask for the phone number to that court. During regular business hours call the court. The court clerk will be able to tell you.

  21. Lisa

    Husband arrested for possesion w intent to deliever pg-1 4-200g
    Driving while intoxicated
    Possesion of cs pg 3 less than 28 gr…
    Had warrants.skipped on two bailbond i believe…how long is he lookin at around at lest….

    • admin

      Brandy – If the inmate is still in jail you can contact Central Records to find out what court his case is in then ask for the phone number to that court. You can then call the court clerk during normal business hours to find out when he is scheduled.

  22. Jennifer

    My Husband doesn’t have a court date , I called the court and they said all he has to do is 30days. Is this guaranteed? Or do I have to find out more info,doesn’t every inmate have to see a judge?

    • admin

      Jennifer – Was this a previous charge? Did he violate his probation? We don’t have enough information to answer your question.

    • admin

      Natalie – They walk out the front doors of the jail. The same doors you would walk in. This is for a regular booking, not work release.

  23. Susan

    What can I do if my daughter is in fear of her life, and wants to get moved from her pod. Without the other inmates classified her as a snitch. which they already have and she is in fear of her life.

  24. Cyn

    My question has not been answered..I would like to know if evidence unit can keep my. Friends money even tho his charges have been cleared?

    • admin

      Cyn – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a privately owned site that attempts to help people maneuver through their system. Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. Ask them to transfer you to the Criminal Investigation Division. They may be able to answer your question.

  25. Patricia

    My son has been detained there at B.C.A.D.C for close to 5 months and has not been indited. It is to my belief that if not indited with-in 90 days (17.151) they are to have a chance to PR bond or a lesser bond, I cannot find any information on his courts, He said he had two courts which his attorney did not show up for, and then was supposed to have court in May and he did not have court. His Attorney has not even seen him once… What can I do? How can i see if he has a bond?

  26. LISA

    If it says a person was transferred to TDC where is that? address and phone number please. I cant find any info online, showing him, and when I call Bexar county they say they don’t know where he was transferred.

    • admin

      Lisa – T.D.C. stands for Texas Department of Corrections. It’s the state jail system which has many prison under its control. You need to find out which he was sent to. Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. If they say they don’t have any information ask to speak to a supervisor.

    • admin

      Arlene – The only thing the Bexar County jail has is the Jail Activity Reports. You can find the link in the Finding Arrested People category.

  27. Sandra

    My husband has a number of things in property from when he first got arrested. He’s still in Bexar County awaiting trial. My question is if he wants me to pick up his property from the jail do I have to pick up every item he has at once or may I be allowed to leave his wedding ring and watch in there if in case he does have to do some time and take everything else?

    • admin

      Sandra – That’s a good question. We haven’t gotten that one before. We recommend that you contact the Banking Office at 210-335-6287. They keep valuable property in their vault. They will be able to answer your question.

  28. Rosa

    I need to know if a notary is on the premises which can have an inmate sign a letter of guardianship in order to ensure one of their children is able to get enrolled in school. The father is incarcerated also and has not been in the child’s life. I am requesting procedure in order to accomplish this task.

    • admin

      Yvonne – You need to get an attorney for her. The attorney needs to go to the judge to try to get a bond for her. It is completely up to the judge.

  29. Kender

    So my boyfriend has court tomarrow at 1:00pm. Ive talked to his lawyer and they are releasing him after court. Does anyone know how long it usually takes after that for someone to be released? I have to go pick him up but dont wana sit up there fpr hours.

    • admin

      Kender – It depends on how many people they have to process and when they get the paperwork from the courts. It can be quite a while. It’s best if he contacts you when he’s out.

  30. Beki

    My x is in bexar he just called and said they moved him to a diffent pod and the jail guard
    wont let him out of his cell. He feels like something bad is going to happen what would be my course of action

    • admin

      Beki – Unless he’s in lock down or the freeze is on he gets to come out of his cell. The officers in the pods are don’t have anywhere near as much leeway to do whatever they want as people think they do.

  31. connie

    I am trying to locate my son R**** A***** his birth date is 5/15/85 I have not heard from him I am just worried if he is ok and at bexar county jail. can you please respond to my message. Thank you, a worried mother

  32. Virginia

    My son was picked for a warrent for 2oz of marijuana. I’ve checked magistrate and website says “RWOB”. What does this mean?

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