Workers’ Comp Fraud Charges Filed Against Officer

photo of Santa Clara Police patch
Santa Clara Police Department

Santa Clara California

Ex-Santa Clara police officer, Kenneth Henderson, was placed on permanent disability in 2016 and retired from the force. On February 4 he was charged with workers’ comp fraud. Mr. Henderson had been working with the Santa Clara Police Department when he claimed he injured himself in October of 2015. Mr. Henderson claims the injury occurred when he picked up a stack of traffic cones.

A Family Business

It appears that workers’ comp fraud was a family business for the Hendersons. Mrs. Mandy Henderson worked as a lieutenant with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. She too claimed an injury and retired on disability. It was during the investigation of Mrs. Henderson that Kenneth Henderson’s deception came to light.

Stupid Criminals

Police see stupid criminals all the time. You would think that would make the officers who turn to crime, better criminals but that’s not always the case. It wasn’t for the Hendersons. After medically retiring on permanent disabilities, the Hendersons either took up, or continued with, their competition body building. The article doesn’t specify if they were body building before or after their claimed injuries.

An insurance carrier told the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office that Henderson was spotted doing a strenuous routine at a gym. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office had already been investigating Mandy Henderson. She was convicted and sentenced about a year ago. The investigation into Kenneth started when the gym’s surveillance tapes were reviewed regarding the Mandy Henderson investigation and showed evidence that Kenneth Henderson had also committed fraud regarding his injuries.

These two ex-officers were willing to scam a fund that helps their fellow officers who have been injured on the job. That’s pretty darn low. We’re glad they were caught.

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