Racist Male Harasses Woman. Cop Watching Does Nothing.

White man harasses Hispanic woman
Racist man harasses woman

I have a lot of white friends.  They’re good people who care about the mistreatment of minorities but they really don’t get the white privilege thing.  They are resistant to believing that’s reality.  While they believe minorities are not treated fairly they don’t think white people are given preferential treatment.  This video is a perfect example of white privilege.

In the video (I don’t know what state this happened in) an Hispanic woman is being harassed by a white male with an officer watching.  The woman repeatedly calls to the officer asking for help.  He ignores her.  At one point she and the officer are walking towards each other while she is asking for help.  The officer turns around and walks away from her leaving her with the aggressive man who keeps trying to get into her face as she backs away.

A black male comes onto the scene and starts sticking up for the woman.  When the aggressive white man starts to go towards the woman again the black male says you better not come over here.  Then, finally then, the white officer jumps in and starts addressing the black male.  What the hell is up with that?   A person watching called the police.  It wasn’t until his fellow officers showed up that the officer began doing his job.

Can you imagine if the woman had been a non-Hispanic white woman and the man had been either Hispanic or black?  The officer would have been all over the man, probably throwing him to the ground and who knows, there may have been another “justified” shooting of an unarmed individual.  This video shows what white privilege looks like.  And it is also an example of why so many minorities feel police officers don’t care about them.

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