White Man Lies, Claims Assault by Black Men

photo of Brandon McCormick
Brandon McCormick


Brandon McCormick’s Story

Fox 13 interviewed a man who had been beaten during the protests. Looking at his battered face and listening to his story you think, wow, that’s terrible. But even in the interview, before we know the real story, there are red flags. At one point Brandon McCormick says he “pulled out weapons.” At another point he says he was “coming down here, trying to protect them with what weapons I had.” So we know he went to the event intending to use weapons to protect police from protesters.

In the video below, there is a part that has the following dialogue between the reporter and Mr. McCormick,

Q. How did you get hurt on your forehead?
A. Cause I yelled out my window, all lives matter.

Q. Did Somebody hit you with something?
A. Yes. Two black African Americans. They beat me, through my open window that I yelled out, all lives matter.

What Really Happened

Below is a video of the actual event. As you can see in the video, Mr. McCormick is standing outside of his car and his face is not injured. You can also see that he is being confrontational and pointing a bow and arrow at people. He actually does shoot at a protester but misses him. Then the crowd rushes in to stop McCormick and yes, he gets beat up by the crowd. This maneuver is frequently referred to as rushing an active shooter. The protesters stopped him from shooting arrows at anyone else.

Blame Black People

So what does this white man do when telling his story to the reporter? He portrays himself as a victim who was viciously attacked by two black men, basically, for exercising his freedom of speech.  McCormick says he was sitting in his car. Lie. He says two black men beat him through his open car window. Lie. He says all he did was yell out all lives matter. Lie. This is disgusting. These are the kind of things that have been done to black people, over and over, to villainize them.

More Details Come Out

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, McCormick had originally been brandishing a knife at protesters then went to his car to get the bow and arrow. As an ex-felon, almost two decades in jail, Mr. McCormick is not supposed to have weapons. But the real irony is that Brandon McCormick’s criminal history includes a conviction for battery against a public safety officer.  From BigRapidNews.com, “He is charged with possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, aggravated assault and threatening or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or quarrel.”




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