What Have We Become?

City Officials dump bleach on food
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We, at this website, spend a lot of time reading articles and watching videos about people who are down on their luck and how they are treated.  Our main aim is to help shine some light on our law enforcement and judicial systems, both of which seem to only work for people with money.  Though this post is not about those two systems it is still about the way people, who have few resources, are treated.

In Kansas City, regular, everyday people, banded together to bring food to homeless people.  They go to several places throughout the city to distribute the food.  One of those stops was at a public park.  People in the area complained.  They did not want those poor people to be in what they felt was their park.  They filed a complaint with the city government.

The Kansas City Health Department waited for the caring people to show up with their food, they then confiscated the food, dumped it on the ground and poured bleach all over it.  They gave flimsy excuses of the food not being at the right temperature or possibly getting contaminated but then they left the bleach covered food on the ground for the homeless people to try to pick through to find something edible.

This was a governmental agency.  The callousness shown is a stain on that city.  What have we become when rules and laws matter more than people?  The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world.  We have huge populations of homeless which include a large percentage of veterans.  Yet people worry about protecting the systems that hurt these disenfranchised people more than they worry about protecting the people.  What have we become if we allow things like this to continue happening?

Click here to read the Washington Post article.

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