We Must be Getting Close to Campaigning Season

On Saturday, February 16, Bexar County deputies assisted other agencies with a clean-up in the far northeast side of the city.  It seems the Sheriff’s Office mislead the reporters at KSAT 12 News and stated the Bexar County deputies had volunteered to help.  That would have been impressive if it had been true, but it wasn’t.  The deputies involved in the clean-up were paid.

Now I’m not saying the deputies shouldn’t get paid for the work they did but remember, Salazar keeps saying he needs more money so he can hire more staff because they are so short-handed.  Yet here he is using those officers, being paid with taxpayer dollars, to act as garbage men.  Highly paid garbage men.

The deputies who did the work said they felt it humanized them, that the residents were appreciative of their efforts.  I’m sure that was the case but if that’s the light the deputies want to be viewed in then I suggest treating people with dignity, respect and courtesy.  Seeing an officer help your area is nice for the moment but as soon as that officer puts on his tough cop attitude all the hard work he did to relate to the community is out the window.

What this was really all about was the Sheriff wanting to get in front of a camera.  The season for campaigning is coming up fast.  Salazar has to know that his administration can only be described as crash and burn.  It’s hard to find even one competent thing he has done.  He can’t hype his record so he’s going to find all kinds of other ways for the media to cover him in a positive light and hope that no one will notice he is wasting taxpayer money and the time of deputies who should be doing the job they were hired to do.

Click here for the KSAT 12 news article.

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