Voting Machine Problems
Vote – Photo by Will Weissert/AP

Readers of our website are people who want inmates treated better.  They are people who want prices on services to be reasonable.  They want cash bonds to stop except for the the violent people and the flight risks.  Because of that we have encouraged our readers to vote and to vote Democrat.

Republicans have proven that they don’t even care if they put children in cages.  There is no way they are going to care about adults who have been accused of a crime even though they haven’t been convicted.  EVERYONE needs to get out to vote but we do have to issue a warning.

There have been problems reported with the voting machines in multiple counties including the four largest.  When people vote straight party ticket Democrat votes are being changed to Republican votes.  REVIEW YOUR BALLOT AT THE END!!! Don’t just assume it registered correctly.  If you see that it switched your vote correct it.

The problem has been most predominant in the senate race.  Votes cast for Beto are being switched to votes cast for Cruz.  This extremely important.  Cruz is not going to fight for any individual who has been incarcerated.  In fact, it benefits Republicans to have minorities arrested especially for felonies.  They lose their right to vote and Republicans do better when minorities don’t vote.

If you want things to change for the better  you have to put some effort into it.  GO VOTE and make sure your vote registers for the right person.

Click here for the  News 4 story.

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