Warning! Faulty Drug Test Kit Used by Law Enforcement

Cotton Candy Mistaken for Meth
Cotton Candy photo by Ohnuts.com

Dasha Fincher has filed a federal lawsuit against several people and organizations including two Monroe County Deputies.  The lawsuit stems from the arrest of Dasha Fincher.  Fincher was pulled over by the two deputies.  According to the written report Fincher was “shaking” and “very anxious”.  The deputies asked Fincher about a large bag she had that contained a blue substance.  Fincher informed the deputies that it was cotton candy.

The deputies conducted a field test using Sirchie’s Nark II roadside kit.  This kit has a history of false positives.  Even knowing that the kit has not been taken off the market and law enforcement has continued to use it.  The test came back positive for methamphetamines.  Fincher was taken into custody.  A judge set her bail at one million dollars.  Fincher was unable to post bond and stayed in jail for three months.  During that time she missed the births of two grand children and was not able to be with her daughter when her daughter suffered a miscarriage.

In March of 2017 it was determined that the bag did NOT contain a controlled substance.  Charges were dropped and Fincher was released on April 4.  The lawsuit disputes the claim of Fincher being nervous and shaking.  According to the lawsuit, the dashcam video shows Fincher behaving in a calm manner.  If this proves to be the case it will be another example of officers skewing reports to try to justify their actions.

Click here to read the article by AJC on this incident.  Note:  A different article claimed it was the blue dye in the candy that caused the positive drug result.

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