You Can Change Things

So many of us get frustrated at how our friends and family are treated by law enforcement and while in custody in county jails or the prison system.  We often wonder if there is anything we can do about it.  How can the average person help to change things?  Can one person really make a difference?

Your Vote Matters for Minorities
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Yes.  You can.  Your greatest ability to help things to change is to vote.  Vote for people who respect people.  Vote for people who don’t have different rules for different kinds of people.  Vote for people who demand justice and fair-dealing.  Vote for people who insist that all people be treated with dignity.  Vote for people who think all people should be heard.

Minorities are dis-proportionally incarcerated.  Minorities frequently have fewer resources to help them with things like posting bail and hiring an attorney.  Democrats understand that and try to fight for fair programs and against discrimination.  Because they are the people who help them, minority people tend to vote Democrat.  And because they vote Democrat, Republicans have done everything they can to silence the voices of minorities.

Republicans know money in politics is powerful so they do everything they can to appease the people with money.  Republicans will always be for big money over individual people.  That is why they are so supportive of private prisons.  Those business owners pour money into Republican campaigns to ensure they get lucrative government contracts.  Remember, those businesses WANT people to stay in jail and they encourage Republicans to pass legislation to make that happen.  It means more money in their pockets.  You can put an end to it.

Early Voting Starts Monday, the 22nd!  VOTE!!!

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