Video of Officers Responding to Ahmaud Arbery Murder, Released

photo of William Bryan
William “Roddie” Bryan


Body Cam Video Shows Lies & Bias

The body camera videos of what happened after officers arrived on the scene of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, has been released. To no one’s surprise, it paints a different picture than what we had originally been led to believe. The full, original videos are not shown. Every news site has posted bits and pieces so we are having to piece together information. What is obvious is that William “Roddie” Bryan definitely lied to the public when he said he was only a witness. What is also evident from the videos and quotes is that responding officers showed a high degree of bias in favor of the McMichaels. A bias that resulted in this case being written off as a justified shooting for many months before it was turned over to non-prejudiced hands.

Bryan’s Lies Exposed

William “Roddie” Bryan was the individual who filmed the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. When the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) began looking into the shooting, Bryan came out on the news saying, “I, truthfully, need to be cleared of this because I had nothing to do with it.” People wondered if, like so many others, he justed happened to see something going on and decided to record it.

The body cam video tells a different story. As I said above, different stations have different clips. I believe the below would have been the order the comments were made in.

Clip 1: 

Officer: “You’re a passerbyer coming through?”
Bryan: “Nah, Not necessarily.”

Clip 2:

Bryan: “I pulled out of my driveway, was gonna try to block him. He was going all around it. I made a few moves at him, you know? And he, he didn’t stop.”

Clip 3:

Bryan: “I mean, if the guy would have stopped, you know, I mean, find out what was going on, this would have never happened, you know. Should we have been chasing him? I don’t know.”

This man is not an innocent bystander. He actively engaged in pursuing a man, using his vehicle. So much so that the Cobb County prosecutor, Jesse Evans, said there was evidence to suggest Bryan hit Arbery with his truck. D.A. Evans is referring to dents in the Bryan’s truck. This accusation is even more credible when you take into account Bryan’s statement of “I made a vew moves at him,” as shown above.

Investigation Biased from the Start

We noted in our original article, A Modern Day Lynching, bias was displayed by District Attorney Barnhill who tried to shut this case down quickly as a justified shooting. But the bias was being displayed even before it got to him. Greg McMichael was openly claiming to the officers at the scene that he had been an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office. He was allowed to walk around the scene as officers were investigating. When an officer went to photograph Travis, the officer apologized for having to do so. And at a different point, Greg McMichael says, you’re not going to put him (his son Travis) in handcuffs are you? The officer responds no, why would we? This case was NEVER taken seriously by the responding officers or by the District Attorney. Remeber, police, even retired ones, cannot get away with these crimes unless a District Attorney lets them. They all held the blue line in the murder of a Black man.

Racism Embedded in White Privilege

One of the comments I find most interesting is when Greg McMichael says, “The guy was trying to take the shotgun away from him.” He says that as if it’s such a terrible thing. Arbery would have been armed if he had been able to take the shotgun away from Travis. He sees that as a huge threat, but thinks nothing of Travis having a gun and confronting Arbery. In that case, Arbery should have just complied. Three men jumped into trucks and chased a man for approximately four minutes. At least two of the men were brandishing weapons. They attempted multiple times to cut him off and block him in. There is even the possibility that one struck the man with his truck. Yet the man was supposed to believe them when they supposedly said they just wanted to talk to him?

Ahmaud Arbery didn’t owe it to the three men to stop. They were not his masters. He was not a runaway slave. They did not have the criteria required to make a citizen’s arrest. He was being chased and threatened by three white men, two with guns. He reached a point where he felt his only option was to fight back and attempted to take a gun away from one of the men. That is what happened and that is why all three men are in jail for murder charges now.

Coded message from Greg McMichael to racist friend who later testified on McMichael's behalf to be released on bond
Coded message

Gregory McMichael Sends Coded Message

In a strange twist, a postcard was sent by Greg McMichael to a man later testified in court as to McMichael’s character in hopes of getting a bond amount set. The message on the postcard was in code. Why did Greg McMichael feel he had to write in code? Why did he even know a code? Why is it that at least one of the characters is in the shape of a stylized “S” like what is frequently used by Nazis? As someone pointed out, it appears that the numbers in the last line could be the combination to a safe. If that is correct, I wonder what was in there that he felt the need to give someone instructions about, in code.

These are all things that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are very interested in and are looking into. The postcard was kicked back because McMichael had only written the initials of the recipient, which is a jail violation. McMichael then put the postcard in an envelope and sent it to his wife, no doubt so she could forward it on. That would indicate to me that he considered it important that it reach the recipient, in contrast to his attorney trying to claim McMichael did it to amuse himself and it was just gibberish.

But it appears that is not the only problem. There is a no contact order on the three men, yet it appears that Greg McMichael may have been sending letters to his wife for his son. She would then forward those letters to Travis McMichael.

The trio remain in jail.


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