Two Inmates Die Within 12 Hours

The Bexar County Jail.
The Bexar County Jail.

Bexar County Jail

Two inmates housed at the Bexar County jail have died within the last 24 hours. The first inmate was found at 10:00 am on Monday. He was pronounced dead at 10:39 am by paramedics. His identity has not been released. All we know is that he was 43-years old and was in jail for Criminal Trespass. That charge had a $500 bond which means he only needed $50 to get out of jail. He could not receive a P.R. bond due to the governor’s executive order. Cause of death has not been determined yet.

The second inmate to die at the Bexar County Adult Detention Center was an 89-year old man who was in on a murder charge. The inmate was unresponsive when the deputy did his observation check. An emergency was called and it appears that medical staff were able to get him to an alert state, according to the KSAT article. The inmate was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead on Monday at 8:20 pm. This death has a preliminary determination of being due to medical conditions.

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