The GPS Monitor that Goes Too Far

Chicago has contracted with a monitoring group who is using a GPS monitor that has two-way communications capabilities.  Two-way communications.  This tracking device can not only call the individual but can also listen in on him.  This is something we should all be concerned with.

The monitors, known as the ReliAlert XC3, are being used on juveniles who are awaiting trial but are also slated to used on adults.  That it appears that the Cook County judiciary does not have a concern about the civil rights violations inherent in this device, is concerning.  Director of Communications, Pat Milhizer, who works for the chief judge, said they have no knowledge of any probation officers using the device in an illegal manner.  Sure.  Because don’t all probation officers go to him and say, I broke the law?

Milhizer has also said that there is no way for the child to not know the device has been activated because it plays a 3-note sound and vibrates but that has been proven to not be the complete truth.  In 2014, a tech for the company gave testimony confirming that the device can be turned on without warning.  It just doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to know that someone will abuse the capabilities on this device.

Click here to read the article by The Appeal to get more information.

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