Texas Officer Arrested for Murder of Black Man

Wolfe City police officer, Shaun Lucas, charged with murder
Shaun Lucas

Wolfe City Police Officer Arrested for Murder

(TX) – Officer Shaun Lucas, with the Wolfe City Police Department, was arrested Monday on a charge of murder. Jonathan Price was shot and killed by Officer Lucas on Saturday night after Price had stopped a man from assaulting his female partner. The case was turned over to the Texas Rangers, who moved quickly on this case. Information is still minimal. No body cam or security camera footage has been released. According to Fox4News.com, “When Officer Lucas attempted to detain Price, The Texas Rangers say Price “resisted in a non-threatening posture” and began walking away. Officer Lucas deployed his taser at Price and then shot him with his gun. Price was taken to a hospital where he later died.”

According to WFAA.com, “Friends and family say the argument was settled before officers even arrived.” If that was the case, then it makes absolutely no sense as to why Officer Lucas targeted Jonathan Price. Why did he automatically assume that Price was the one causing problems? According to the Price family attorney, Lee Merritt, “The chief saw the video and told me he wasn’t happy with what he saw.” Again, the video has not been released but this is a damning statement by the head of this law enforcement agency.

Texas Rangers Release Statement

The following is a statement that the Texas Rangers sent to CBS 11 on Monday night,

“At approximately 8:24 p.m. on Oct. 3, 2020, Wolfe City Police Officer Shaun Lucas responded to a disturbance call at the 100 block of Santa Fe Street for a possible fight in progress. Officer Lucas made contact with a man, later identified as 31-year-old Jonathan Price, who was reportedly involved in the disturbance.

Officer Lucas attempted to detain Price, who resisted in a non-threatening posture and began walking away. Officer Lucas deployed his TASER, followed by discharging his service weapon striking Price. EMS was notified and Price was transported to Hunt Regional Hospital, where he later died.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the actions of Officer Lucas were not objectionably reasonable.  The Texas Rangers have charged Officer Lucas with the offense of Murder and booked him into the Hunt County Jail. This investigation is being conducted by the Texas Rangers, with the cooperation of the Wolfe City Police Department and the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office. No additional information is being released at this time.”

Please note that we suspect the Texas Rangers meant ‘objectively reasonable,’ which is a legal standard, and not “objectionably reasonable.”

Everything says Price was walking away, making it sound like he was shot in the back, but according to one lady in the video below, Jonathan Price put up his hands and turned around. Unfortunately, we have no official information to go on since they are keeping a real tight lid on the details of this case.

$1,000,000 Bail Bond

The charge against Shaun Lucas had a $1,000,000 bail bond but even with a bail bond that high, he was out of the Hunt County Detention Center within hours. This is strange. Wolfe City has a population of about 1,500 people. Yes, that is a correct number, not a typo. Lucas didn’t live in Wolfe City. We’re not sure where he did reside but we would imagine it was a nearby town. All of them would be tiny little towns. So where did Lucas get that kind of money? He would have only needed to put up 10% but that’s still $100,000. It’s possible he could have put his house up as collateral. Or maybe his attorney used his allotted amount to cover it but attorneys only get so much credit. I’m not sure an attorney would have used so much of his bail bond credit on one person. I’m kind of interested to know how he got the bond amount so quickly, just out of curiousity.

I appreciate the Texas Rangers deciding on arresting Lucas within two days of getting the case. That was good work. Now we have to wait to see what happens at his trial.

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