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The Killing of Elijah McClain

We last posted on the Elijah McClain story regarding officers who mocked the killing of the young Black man. Three officers took selfies in which they were all laughing or smiling while they mimicked the carotid choke hold McClain was put in. The officers involved were Erica Marrero, Jason Jones, and Kyle Dittrich. They then sent the photos to Jason Rosenblatt, one of the officers who was involved in McClain’s death. Rosenblatt responded with, “ha ha.”

According to the,

The officers who took the pictures explained during the internal affairs investigation said they were trying to cheer up Rosenblatt and another officer, who they considered friends, with the photos when they took them in October. Dittrich said he thought the photos would be funny.

Cheer up Rosenblatt? Funny? How sick do you have to be, to be cheered up by someone mocking the death of someone else? That alone tells me these people are not fit to wear the uniform. And you would think Rosenblatt would have more sense than to go along with this but obviously he has learned nothing.

Jones resigned before any action could be taken against him. Marrero, Dittrich, and Rosenblatt were fired. All three have appealed their termination.

Woman Who Pulled Gun On Unarmed Black Family

The couple who drew guns on an unarmed Black family, have been charged with felonious assault with a $50,000 bond each but were allowed to get P.R. bonds for them. In the article we posted on this incident we noted that in the beginning we felt everyone was at fault and overreacting. But the crucial point comes when the White couple, who were already safely locked away in their car, stepped back out of the vehicle and drew weapons on an unarmed Black family. At that point, in my opinion and apparently in the opinion of the D.A., it became a criminal matter.

In the video you can hear Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg call out to her husband, Eric Peter Wuestenberg, to call the police. So obviously they have a phone. Why not just stay in the vehicle and call the police? Tell the police these people won’t let us leave? Because they had guns and wanted to be bad ass. This is one of the problems of having guns.

What would they have done if they hadn’t had weapons? I bet they would have made that call to the police and this would have just been an all around stupid event that everyone walked away from. Instead, the Wuestenbergs are facing criminal charges, as they should. Eric Wuestenberg has lost his job and Jillian Wuestenberg is being broadly mocked on social media for doing an interview in which she spends almost the whole time with her face scrunched up as if crying while she whimpers about how scared she was, but can’t seem to manage to squeeze out a single tear or even have watery eyes.

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