Story Update: Charges Filed Against Officer

Jeffery Ryans seriously injured by police dog
Jeffery Ryans

Aggravated Assault Charged Filed Against Police Officer

In August, we wrote a post about an incident that had just started being reported in the news. The incident happened in April. An officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department, Nickolas Pearce, was working as a K-9 officer when he ordered his K-9 to attack a man who was complying with officers, not resisting the arrest. The dog clamped onto the arrested man’s leg inflicting nerve and tendon damage. In the video, that we have posted in our original post, you can hear the officer praising the dog, encouraging him to continue mauling the arrested man, Jeffery Ryans.

Today, according to NPR. org, “Salt Lake City District Attorney Sim Gill  announced the aggravated assault charge on Wednesday. He alleges that officer Nickolas Pearce did “attempt, with unlawful force or violence, to do bodily injury to another” during the April 24 encounter with Jeffery Ryans.” You can read the probable cause statement here.

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