State Trooper Arrested for Felonious Assault Against Unarmed Black Man


Review of Dash Cam Tells Different Story

Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police

(MI) – Parker Surbrook, a trooper with the Michigan State Police, has been arrested on a charge of Felonious Assault that occurred on November 13. The K9 officer submitted his report at the time, but according to NBC News,

“State police said that Surbrook’s actions were uncovered during a routine review in December and that a supervisor who reviewed video “immediately recognized multiple policy violations” and filed a complaint.”

The video shows two police vehicles chasing the suspects’ vehicle. The suspects’ vehicle crashes into a tree and the injured driver falls to the ground when he tries to get out. The driver is on the ground in pain and thinks his leg is damaged. It turns out he has a broken hip.

Trooper Surbrook exits his vehicle and sets his K9 on him even though the man is not resisting or attempting to flee. Surbrook leaves his dog attacking the man for almost four minutes.

State Trooper Ignores Pleas for Help

While the driver of the vehicle is being bitten by Surbrook’s K9, he is begging for help. Part of the recorded conversation was listed in the article.

The man said, “I’m not moving, please get him,” begging Surbrook to call off Knox.

He starts pleading, “please sir…sir,” and Surbrook tells Knox “good boy” and “stay on him.”

Driver: “Please sir, he’s on my face.”

Surbrook: “I don’t care.”

Driver: “I’m not moving, sir, I’m not moving.”

Surbrook: “Do you got him?” He asks the other officer if he has the passenger under control.

Driver: “Please sir my legs are tore up, you got me. Sir?”

Surbrook: “Stay on him.”

Driver: “Please sir, please sir, please I’m begging you sir, please sir, please, please sir…please.”

The driver continued to plead with Surbrook to get Knox off him. Surbrook ignored his pleas.

“Come on, sir…He’s trying to choke me. Sir, please, please stop, please,” the driver said. “Sir he’s choking me sir.”

Surbrook said again, “I don’t care.”

Even after the passenger of the vehicle has been secured, Trooper Surbrook walks around the area for almost two minutes, continuing to encourage his K9 to stay on the suspect rather than calling the dog off and handcuffing the man.

Hospital Documents Multiple Bites

Surbrook was working an assignment with the Lansing Police Department. That assignment was to target violent offenders. The vehicle they were chasing was seen in an  “illegal activity spot” and they believed the passenger had a weapon. It turns out the most violent offend in the group was Trooper Surbrook.

The Lansing State Journal states,

The hospital documented bite injuries to his head, left shoulder blade, left bicep, left forearm, left-side rib area, both sides of his pelvic bone area, his genitals and the top of his thighs. 

Remember, this is a man who is on the ground in pain due to a broken hip. A man who is not resisting, not trying to run away, and is not armed. In the words of Rep. Sarah Anthony, it was “a blatant abuse of power” against an unarmed Black man.

The charge is felonious assault because the K9 is being listed as a deadly weapon. Surbrook was released on a PR bond, meaning he only had to pay a small processing fee to get out of jail. He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.



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