Spartanburg County Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence

Spartanburg deputy arrested for assault
Deputy Ross Arrested for Assault

South Carolina State Police arrested Deputy Donald Douglass Ross, Jr. on four counts of domestic violence.  This was not the first time that Ross had been in trouble due to his violence against woman.  Charges were filed against him in 2010 when he would not let a woman leave the home.  He punched and choked the woman.  He also attempted his own version of waterboarding her.  At the time he was with the Greenville Police Department.

The latest incident covers a span of years and involves his wife and back through when she was his girlfriend.  It is unknown why the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office would hire a man with such a troubling background but they did.  Ross is accused of body slamming his girlfriend, who is currently his wife, while she was pregnant.  Two additional incidents of physical violence have been documented against Donald Ross.  Ross is currently in jail on a $10,000 bond.

Not surprisingly, Ross has followed a similar pattern as his father.  Donald Douglass Ross, Sr. was also a law enforcement officer.  He was with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).  He was charged with assault after slapping a woman across the face and was charged with assault and battery.  He pled guilty and resigned.

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