Sixth Erroneous Release in 2019

The Bexar County jail has once again released an inmate that should not have been released.  In the current incident they had not finished processing the inmate.  On April 3rd, Thomas Smith was booked for evading arrest.  Smith, who has had six prior arrests this year, was ordered to wear a GPS monitor.  He should not have been released without that monitor.

As we’ve heard many times before, the Sheriff’s Office is looking into what happened.  In other words, they don’t want to tell us what the actual circumstances were.  But at this point we don’t really need the Sheriff to tell us what is happening.  The jail is being run by people who are not competent to do the job.  Just because a person can get elected doesn’t mean that person can actually do the job and we have been given ample proof that Sheriff Javier Salazar is not capable of doing the job.

Thomas Smith was arrested again in the evening of the same day.  That he was arrested again so quickly speaks well of the everyday officers who work for the Sheriff’s Office.  That there continue to be problems like this rests solely on the shoulders of Sheriff Salazar.  There are deputies who have been there a long time and have run the system without having this many problems.  If they can’t do that now it leads us to believe that people who don’t know what they are doing are interfering with those deputies doing the job the way they know it needs to be done.

The main people running the jail, who have been there the whole time these problems have been going on and who don’t have prior experience in how the jail functions, are Sheriff Javier Salazar and Chief James Serrato, both of which come from the San Antonio Police Department.  And both of which were never higher than a sergeant.  The citizens of Bexar County deserve better.

Click here to read the KENS 5 article.  And in case you are wondering, yes, we are becoming a state-wide joke.  Click here to read the LMTonline out of Laredo.

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