Sheriff’s Lieutenant Participates in Rally That Turns Into Deadly Riot at Capitol

Bexar County lieutenant, Rioxanne Mathai, participated in the Trump rally and storming of the capitol
Roxanne Mathai

Bexar County Officer Under Investigation

(TX) – A lieutenant with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is being investigated after information about her participation in the riots at the capitol came to light. From the KSAT article, it sounds as if someone gave the information to the KSAT Defenders, who in turn gave the photos to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Roxanne Mathai had placed pictures of the event, and her participation, on her Facebook page but limited who could view them. That sounds like someone who was close enough to be allowed to view the photos, was so disgusted by her actions that they felt the need to report it.

Roxanne Mathai seemed to think that wearing a mask would hide her identity, and in reality, it probably would have if she had been able to keep from bragging about attending and if she hadn’t posted photos which proved she really was there.

Officer Describes Deadly Riot as “Best Day of My Life”

Mathai put on her cosplay outfit knowing that what she was doing was counter to the oath she took for her position. There would have been no need to hide her identity if it was legitimate activity. She went to the rally and allowed herself to be pumped up by the speakers and the crowd. She then followed along with the crowd after it had broken through barriers and attacked capitol police.

The moment the mob broke through the barriers they had broken the law. Capitol police were beaten and injured, some so seriously that they were hospitalized. Mathai obviously had no care whatsoever for her fellow officers. We have not been given any indication that she participated in the assault on the officers, but she definitely understood that she could be charged for going past a police barricade. She understands boundaries established by law enforcement and the consequences of exceeding those boundaries. She was not deterred. Mathai continued on to the capitol steps.

According to KSAT,

“……And we are going in……in the crowd at the stairs…not inside the capitol like the others. Not catching a case lol,” wrote Mathai next to a selfie and several photos of rioters scaling scaffolding in front of the Capitol.

“Not gonna lie…..aside from my kids, this was, indeed, the best day of my life. And it’s not over yet,” 

Trained Officer Ignores Signs of Violence

It’s beyond ignorant for Mathai to think that she could not be charged just because she did not enter the building. There was no way she could have missed the atmosphere and the attitude of the participants. I would bet she was immersed in MAGA hate long before this event, but at a bare minimum, she was at an event where a noose had been hung, where an axe throwing booth with pictures of Biden and Pelosi as the targets had been set up, and where violent insurrection was what everyone was talking about and cheering on.

At the point Mathai makes the above comments, boundaries had just been breached, injured officers are being rushed away from the violent mob by other officers, and people are marching to the capitol. She knows she is beyond where she is supposed to be. She knows officers were guarding the fence line and that they are no longer there. She has to know what that means. She is an officer at the Bexar County Jail. Again, she knows what it means when officers are no longer at their stations protecting the boundary.

Deputy Already on Administrative Leave

The 46-year old female lieutenant was already on administrative leave when this event happened. She had been placed on leave in October while she was being investigated for a “possible inappropriate relationship between her and an inmate.” Mathai had just been promoted to the lieutenant position in June. Had she been on duty, this woman with such poor judgment, would have been over as many as 80 deputies.

Anyone who reads this website, knows I am no fan of Sheriff Javier Salazar. And though it’s no surprise that his first reaction to everything is to fire the person, in this case, I completely agree with his call. Roxanne Mathai has shown she does not care about officers if they are in the way of her beliefs. That makes her a danger to the officers she works with and to those she oversees. She needs to be terminated.

2 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Lieutenant Participates in Rally That Turns Into Deadly Riot at Capitol

  1. Concerned Citizen

    You will soon see how unethical it is for the media including yourself to jump the gun on reporting information without the facts! Your headline should be considered defamation and maybe it will.

    • admin

      Concerned Citizen – You know what, we think you’re right. She hasn’t been proven guilty yet and we are willing to admit when we think we have made a misstep, though I don’t know about us being media. The title has been altered to better reflect what happened.

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