Sheriff Salazar’s Outrage is All for Show

Sheriff Salazar Calls a Press Conference
Sheriff Salazar on Continuing Jail Problems

Media Performance

I’m sure everyone has seen at least one of Sheriff Javier Salazar’s stern ‘I won’t put up with that’ speeches, every time there is an incident at the Bexar County jail and there have been plenty of them. However, for those of us who have been watching what happens at the jail, it comes as no surprise that it’s all for show.

KSAT Blows Salazar’s Cover

KSAT has been the main news agency who has been holding the Salazar administration to account. In their latest article they show the minuscule amount of discipline that was actually faced as opposed to what was proposed. The article shows a repeated pattern of suspensions being significantly reduced. 10 days reduced to 2, 15 days reduced to 2, 15 days reduced to 1, another 15 days reduced to 1. The total comes to 55 days being proposed and only 6 days being served.

Grievance Process

All the employees have the right to go through the grievance process. We understand that. But the amount of the reductions seems to be rather excessive. Not a single one of them served more than a 2 day suspension for their poor job performance. The article keeps referring to the proposed sentence being reduced after hearings with Chief Walker but I hope everyone realizes, by now, that nothing is done without the approval of Sheriff Salazar and Chief Serrato. They micromanage the jail to the point of paralysis.

At this point it all just feels like a con job. Salazar saying whatever he thinks will play best with the public but doing things that he thinks will buy allegiance, on the quiet.  And the worst part is he seems to think we’re too stupid to realize we’re being played.

2 thoughts on “Sheriff Salazar’s Outrage is All for Show

  1. Brad

    Ok so the antiquated systems that are in place, the extreme staff shortage, forcing Deputies to work 2 or 3 days overtime a week (most of the time without warning) and no lunch breaks or 15 minute breaks even when working all these hours straight(like normal jobs have)…but let’s give them maximum punishment cause it’s all their fault right.

    • admin

      Brad – I guess I wasn’t clear in what I was trying to say. If they only deserve a 1 or 2 day suspension then why go on TV and make a big deal about how he will not tolerate all the errors and so on? He’s done it several times. That’s what I’m trying to say as being his ‘for show’ actions. I would prefer that he got up there and said exactly what you did and that he can understand how mistakes would happen in conditions like that but he doesn’t because then he would have to explain what he is doing to fix the problems. We all know that his actions are actually exacerbating them.

      Remember, this is a man who was willing to say that it was a possibility that the releases were being done intentionally, rather than accept any blame. He literally went that far in disrespecting his officers and did it on TV. Salazar didn’t reduce, or allow the reduction of, the days out of the kindness of his heart or a deep understanding and sympathy for what the officers are going through. He’s trying to avoid any negative repercussions like a vote of no confidence and election votes going to his opponents.

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