Sheriff Salazar Unconcerned About Giving Business to Cop Hater

photo of Mike Mihalski
Booking photo of Mike Mihalski

Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Several local law enforcement agencies give business to Sons of Liberty Gun Works here in San Antonio. In some excellent investigative work, Dillon Collier has uncovered the troubling history of one of the owners. Co-owner, Mike Mihalski, has had several brushes with the law.

In one incident, his mother called police. When police arrived the mother felt the need to warn them that he might go for their guns. Officers found a hostile Mihalski yelling at another individual. According to the report, Mihalski was also angry at his mother saying she should, “take a very large caliber gun and blow her head off.” He also made other comments in regards to assaulting her to the point of being able to see her brains. See KSAT 12 article for more details and video.

Mihalski Makes Threats Against Officers

There was harassing behavior against police dispatchers in 2009. Then, in 2010, Mihalski was arrested for public intoxication. During the arrest Mihalski claimed he killed Sgt. Bocko, Bocko was one of the officers who survived the Denny’s attack on police officers by Jamie Lichtenwalter. Sgt. Bocko died in a motorcycle accident several years after the attack. Mihalski claims to have been friends with Lichtenwalter and according to the KSAT article, Lichtenwalter did work for Mihalski’s mother for about eight months. During the intoxication arrest, Mihalski attempted to attack the officers and claimed he would kill them.

Violent Criminal History

Mike Mihalski has a history of being a man filled with hate. A man who has wanted to kill his mother, wanted her to kill herself, wanted to her to roast in hell “…as a shishkabob with bell peppers on a stick.” He has not only praised his buddy for shooting officers but also taken credit for killing officers himself and threatened to kill others. But everything’s better now. I guess all that anger and hate just disappeared in a puff of smoke. Or could it be, he found a different way to feel he was shafting law enforcement? Something like profiting off of them? I know there is a comment in the story about the business giving money to SAPD for them to travel to a shooting competition but let’s face it, the business very much expected to benefit from that. It was advertising for them.

Salazar’s Disrespect Toward Officers

It’s understandable that agencies may have dealt with Mihalski’s business when they didn’t know his history. No one expected them to do a criminal background check. But once it was brought to their attention you would think there would be some concern, and there was some, but not by Salazar. Dillon Collier said in regards to Salazar, “…did not seem particularly concerned by Mihalski’s past comments or actions.” That comment by Dillon was based on Sheriff’s Salazar’s response of, “Certainly I think that bears looking into, but again, I don’t know that it’s anything that would prohibit us from doing business.”

How does a sheriff be so lacking in concern over a man who spent a large portion of his life hating police officers and wanting to kill his mother? How does he overlook the fact that Mihalski was friends with a person who actually carried out an attack on officers? Salazar was an officer with the San Antonio Police Department when Lichtenwalter shot those SAPD officers. They were his co-workers! Does he really think these two cop haters didn’t wallow in their hatred together? For all he knows, they could have fantasized about scenarios where they could kill cops.

The correct response should have been that he would look into it. Then out of respect for law enforcement officers everywhere, but particularly his own, Salazar should have found a different company to work with. Instead he talks about not being prohibited. A lot of things aren’t prohibited but they’re still morally and ethically wrong.

It’s a shame that this is the man that Bexar County deputies have to depend on to protect them.

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